Healthy Meal Ideas

When working out it’s important to remember that your body transformations are made in the kitchen. You can workout two times a day, five times out of the week, but if you aren’t eating the right foods you’ve wasted a workout. Picture this: Say your gas tank is on E, so you go to the gas station to fill the tank up. However, you forget to close your gas tank, so end up wasting not only the gas you put into the car, but your money, too. This analogy is exactly what happens when you workout really hard, but don’t put the right foods back into your body; it’s simply a waste! Below I have included some of my favorite healthy meals that I like to eat, so that my diet is balanced with the workouts that I do.

Grilled Chicken & Rice


Can you say protein? Chicken and rice, especially brown rice provides an excellent amount of protein for the body. Both are low in calories, too. So, if you’re in need of a filling, fat-burning meal this is the right choice for you.



Since birth spaghetti has always been one of my favorite meals, just ask my dad. If you add garlic bread and small salad you’re eating the right amount of carbs, which makes for a great meal after weight-training. As a former collegiate runner Olive Garden’s spaghetti dinner always provided me with the right amount of refuel after competitions.

Lemon Pepper Salmon & Asparagus


Any type of fish is an excellent source of protein and adding a touch of green just makes the dish even more appetizing and nutritious. You probably didn’t know this, but asparagus is a brain-booster food and can help fight cancer. Refer to this link for more ways to add asparagus to your diet.

Lemon Gremolata Pizza


I discovered this type of pizza on Pinterest when I was looking for healthy ways to make homemade pizza. It’s good for those who are vegetarians and provides the right amount nutrients you need in order to function throughout the day. A great side to this meal would be carrots.

So remember when picking your meals, whether it is before or after a workout to keep in mind that you are eating for the body that you want and not the body that you currently have. Eating healthy gives you the nutrients and energy you need to seize the day. Your eating habits don’t have to change all at once, but if you want body transformations you’ve got to make small changes.


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