Post Workout Snack

Hey friends! I recently visited Nourish Juice and Smoothie Bar in Houston after doing a workout. Now, normally if I’m in a hurry I get a smoothie to replenish my body. I always like to get in some type of nutrients within that 30 minute window post-workout, so when I arrived I asked the employee (he had great customer service) about the best post-workout smoothie. He shared that … Continue reading Post Workout Snack

Top 3 Fitness Motivations for 2017

It happens every year on Dec 31st. You’ll make a list of everything you want to do differently in the New Year, like save money, be kinder or workout more. Yet, by the time January 3rd rolls around nothing on your lists gets accomplished, so you’ll try to use February as your do-over month. Well, stop right there! If you’re trying to up your fitness for the … Continue reading Top 3 Fitness Motivations for 2017

Healthy Holiday Habits

It is so easy to break a healthy routine over the holidays when you’re surrounded by your mama’s double fudge brownies and your grandma’s perfectly carved turkey. We often develop bad Holiday habits due to the abundant amount of food, free time and not sticking to our usual schedule. So what are some ways to break bad Holiday habits? Don’t overeat It’s easy to overeat Christmas cookies, desserts … Continue reading Healthy Holiday Habits

Is Creatine Good For Women?

A few weeks ago I purchased 100% Pure Creatine Monohydrate (Unflavored) from the Vitamin Shoppe because I wanted to gain muscle fast and go harder in the gym. I was expecting to pay an arm and a leg for the product, but it was quite affordable; $12.79 to be exact. Creatine helps in building muscle, strength and mass. Most men take creatine as a way to do more reps … Continue reading Is Creatine Good For Women?