Post Workout Snack

Hey friends!

I recently visited Nourish Juice and Smoothie Bar in Houston after doing a workout. Now, normally if I’m in a hurry I get a smoothie to replenish my body. I always like to get in some type of nutrients within that 30 minute window post-workout, so when I arrived I asked the employee (he had great customer service) about the best post-workout smoothie. He shared that smoothies are great, but the juice would give me that extra boost to refuel my body from my workout. As a first time juicer I’m all for having an extra edge, so when he recommend two different juices I had to sample them both.

Karma & Carrots Matic
Karma & Southern Squeeze

He told me that Karma, is the juice that they’re most known for. Its used for detoxing, weight loss and boosting your immune system. The ingredients to name a few include, kale, cucumber and organic flax oil. When I first tried it my taste buds weren’t used to it, but on the third sip I began to like it. The other juice, Southern Squeeze had carrot, orange and organic flax oil in it, too. This juice is best for boosting your energy and it has Vitamin C in it. Refer to the menu for other juice flavors. I liked Southern Squeeze the best because it tasted good on the first sip, but both were great.


The ambiance of Nourish Juice and Smoothie Bar is so modern chic. There is an area with games, magazines and cute pillows for you to lounge around and drink your juice. You’ll feel like you’re outdoors without actually being outside. This spot definitely makes for a great post-workout meet up with friends.


There’s also great photo ops at the bar, too and if you’re like me you’ll snapchat the whole time you’re there. And… get this there is FREE WIFI, woohoo! I took the photo below on my way out of the bar. All in all if  you’re looking to detox or boost your energy levels try these two juices. Not only are they affordable, but they taste great and can help you with your fitness goals.

“Eat, sleep, nourish and REPEAT.”



Top 3 Fitness Motivations for 2017

It happens every year on Dec 31st. You’ll make a list of everything you want to do differently in the New Year, like save money, be kinder or workout more. Yet, by the time January 3rd rolls around nothing on your lists gets accomplished, so you’ll try to use February as your do-over month. Well, stop right there!

If you’re trying to up your fitness for the New Year rely on these three fitness tips to get you motivated to workout more in 2017.

  1. Let your failure be your MOTIVATION

So many people want to workout more, but don’t put forth the effort to do so. All those failed attempts at not getting enough exercise should be enough to get you up to a gym, park or even to do a workout in the comfort of your own home. You’ve got to become so fed up with the person you see in the mirror that you work everyday to improve your overall health and lifestyle. Every workout isn’t for everyone, so when you develop a routine that you like and actually stick to it you’re going to see results.

2. Workout with a FRIEND

What better way to workout than with a friend? Not only will you always have a workout partner, but you’ll be able to have your own accountability partner, too. Also, you’re 100% less likely to skip on a workout if you’ve planned to meet up with someone. Group Exercise classes also make a great way to develop a workout routine; the energy of the group itself can be enough to keep you going.

3. Buy cute workout CLOTHES

When you put on new clothes it makes you feel like you can conquer the world because when you look good, you feel good. Truth be told, wearing cute and fun activewear can actually increase your confidence when working out. So, take a selfie in your activewear and flaunt your stuff post-workout.

Bottom line is that in order to make a change, you have to be the change you want to see in yourself, so don’t allow another year to go by without you taking control of your fitness goals.

Healthy Holiday Habits

It is so easy to break a healthy routine over the holidays when you’re surrounded by your mama’s double fudge brownies and your grandma’s perfectly carved turkey. We often develop bad Holiday habits due to the abundant amount of food, free time and not sticking to our usual schedule.

So what are some ways to break bad Holiday habits?

  • Don’t overeat

It’s easy to overeat Christmas cookies, desserts and other foods during the Holidays, but try to make ONE BIG plate and eat that. If you absolutely need a second plate, make sure it is your to-go plate for leftovers. Just because all the food is there doesn’t mean you have to eat it all; remember to eat portion sizes.

  • Wipe away germs

With the Holidays comes nasty germs and sickness. To maintain great hygiene wash your hands whenever you’re about to eat, etc. Also, cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough and always use hand sanitizer.

  • Drink lots of water

Research shows that if you drink a glass before you eat you’re less likely to overeat because you won’t be so full on liquids. Try making a water goal to get the amount of ounces you need daily and eat hydrating foods.

  • Exercise

Strive for 30 min to 1 hr of physical activity daily. If you create an exercise regime it will help you keep your fitness goals intact.

  • Learn to say “NO”

This theory will not only keep you from overeating, but it aids in setting your priorities. By saying no to taking on many tasks others may ask of you you’re able to make time for yourself.

  • Get some rest

Enough said. smirking-face

Let’s Keep the Holidays Healthy!

Cute Activewear

If you’re going to workout you want to look cute doing it, right?


H&M at the Galleria Mall in Houston has some of the cutest activewear made of good material. Whenever I’m looking for activewear I always go for quality first. My dad always said that you get what you pay for and when it comes to what I wear I don’t want to be cheap. The quality and whether or not I’ll be able to have mobility during a workout makes all the difference when choosing activewear. The best thing about H&M activewear is that it’s truly fit to size, which is a plus because I want to look good while working out.

As, Fall approaches you’ll want to stay on top of the newest trends by checking out H&M activewear in store and online. Some of my favorite pieces that they have out now are pictured below.

Burgundy running top
Burgundy running top $40

This top can be paired with black, gray or white tights. Its lightweight material won’t weigh you down if you’re going for a run in the park and it has a slimming appeal, too.

Neon pink sports bra $30
Neon pink sports bra $30

Anything vibrant is a thumbs up in my eyes and this bra is a winner. It’s padding gives off a fuller look to those who may be flat up top and the back design gives it a chic look.

Black sports tights $25
Black sports tights $25

Everyone loves tights because they make your butt look great and these do just that (:

I asked some of my friends about the different activewear they like to wear when working out and here is what they shared with me.

Christen is a former WNBA Dancer and the founder of the Daily S.L.A.Y. Her keen sense for fashion helps her put together some of the most bomb looks when she’s working out or creating a dance routine. She looks for pops of color and loves to coordinate the different colors when putting together her outfits to workout in.

“As a dancer I like adding things like my flannel to spice up my activewear.”

Tights & flannel- Old Navy
Sports bra- Lulu lemon

Shaquira is a marathon runner who likes to be cute while working out. She pushes herself to the limit to get in the best shape to compete in the different marathons she runs in. Victoria’s Secret activewear brings out her inner beast.

“I can’t look like a VS angel, but I can wear the same gear and be my own angel.”

Sports bra & tights- Victoria's Secret
Sports bra & tights- Victoria’s Secret
Hat- Ralph Lauren

Raina assures to keep fitness in her life. As a standout hurdler in high school, but once she got to college she decided to put the track shoes away; fitness remained a must in her life , however. Whether it’s hitting the Dedman Recreation center at SMU or just going on a run around campus, she’s always sporting Fit 29 workout gear.

“I like anything that brings comfort, breathability and style.”

Top- Fit 29
Tights- Nike
Hat- Cozy cap

Ronnie, is a former TCU cheerleader and is constantly working out to keeping her body looking right. She likes stylish and cute activewear because cute clothes make her want to workout. Lulu lemon is one of her favorite brands to wear because of the girly look and the support the bras would give her when she was a cheerleader.

“Putting on the clothes is half the commitment, but once I’m dressed I’m more motivated to get the workout done.”

Sports bra- Lulu lemon

Kelsey is one among any other women that participate in CrossFit. She loves working out outdoors, so anything with mesh is perfect for her. Wearing spandex shorts when working out make her feel comfortable because of the wide range of flexibility they allow.

“If I can’t move comfortably, then my workout won’t be as beneficial.”

Top- Nike Spandex- Nike
Top- Nike
Spandex- Mizuno
Sports bra- Nike

Regardless of what type of workout you’re going to do make sure you look good doing it because when you look good you feel good (:



Is Creatine Good For Women?

fullsizerenderA few weeks ago I purchased 100% Pure Creatine Monohydrate (Unflavored) from the Vitamin Shoppe because I wanted to gain muscle fast and go harder in the gym. I was expecting to pay an arm and a leg for the product, but it was quite affordable; $12.79 to be exact. Creatine helps in building muscle, strength and mass. Most men take creatine as a way to do more reps at a higher intensity and since women’s and men’s bodies differ I was unsure if creatine would have the same effect on me. I spoke with one of Vitamin Shoppe’s employees, who happened to be a female CrossFit champion and she assured me that I wouldn’t look like the female version of Hulk. In fact, she mentioned that most women fear that creatine will make them bulky, but with the right dosage you’ll get the stamina you need for muscle strength. In order to gain muscle strength you’ve got to burn off the fat and creatine has helped me be able to do just that. I feel so much stronger and confident when lifting heavy. My muscles are able to recover and have the right supply of nutrients they need to keep me lean and toned. The biggest side effect to taking creatine I’ve noticed is bloating; an overall body bloat where your body has more water weight than normal. However, once you stop taking the creatine you’ll notice the water weight going away. The first week I took creatine I added one teaspoon to my water before working out, however now I take two 3-5g before and after a workout. Please note that I used creatine the first week, then went off of it and then used it in the third week as my body goal is to gain slight muscle, but remain toned. Below is a photo of my body one day before taking creatine. It’s safe to say that after taking creatine for awhile, it’s good for women.

Oct. 11, 2016 121.4 lbs.
Oct. 11, 2016
121.4 lbs.