Is Creatine Good For Women?

fullsizerenderA few weeks ago I purchased 100% Pure Creatine Monohydrate (Unflavored) from the Vitamin Shoppe because I wanted to gain muscle fast and go harder in the gym. I was expecting to pay an arm and a leg for the product, but it was quite affordable; $12.79 to be exact. Creatine helps in building muscle, strength and mass. Most men take creatine as a way to do more reps at a higher intensity and since women’s and men’s bodies differ I was unsure if creatine would have the same effect on me. I spoke with one of Vitamin Shoppe’s employees, who happened to be a female CrossFit champion and she assured me that I wouldn’t look like the female version of Hulk. In fact, she mentioned that most women fear that creatine will make them bulky, but with the right dosage you’ll get the stamina you need for muscle strength. In order to gain muscle strength you’ve got to burn off the fat and creatine has helped me be able to do just that. I feel so much stronger and confident when lifting heavy. My muscles are able to recover and have the right supply of nutrients they need to keep me lean and toned. The biggest side effect to taking creatine I’ve noticed is bloating; an overall body bloat where your body has more water weight than normal. However, once you stop taking the creatine you’ll notice the water weight going away. The first week I took creatine I added one teaspoon to my water before working out, however now I take two 3-5g before and after a workout. Please note that I used creatine the first week, then went off of it and then used it in the third week as my body goal is to gain slight muscle, but remain toned. Below is a photo of my body one day before taking creatine. It’s safe to say that after taking creatine for awhile, it’s good for women.

Oct. 11, 2016 121.4 lbs.
Oct. 11, 2016
121.4 lbs.

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