Cute Activewear

If you’re going to workout you want to look cute doing it, right?


H&M at the Galleria Mall in Houston has some of the cutest activewear made of good material. Whenever I’m looking for activewear I always go for quality first. My dad always said that you get what you pay for and when it comes to what I wear I don’t want to be cheap. The quality and whether or not I’ll be able to have mobility during a workout makes all the difference when choosing activewear. The best thing about H&M activewear is that it’s truly fit to size, which is a plus because I want to look good while working out.

As, Fall approaches you’ll want to stay on top of the newest trends by checking out H&M activewear in store and online. Some of my favorite pieces that they have out now are pictured below.

Burgundy running top
Burgundy running top $40

This top can be paired with black, gray or white tights. Its lightweight material won’t weigh you down if you’re going for a run in the park and it has a slimming appeal, too.

Neon pink sports bra $30
Neon pink sports bra $30

Anything vibrant is a thumbs up in my eyes and this bra is a winner. It’s padding gives off a fuller look to those who may be flat up top and the back design gives it a chic look.

Black sports tights $25
Black sports tights $25

Everyone loves tights because they make your butt look great and these do just that (:

I asked some of my friends about the different activewear they like to wear when working out and here is what they shared with me.

Christen is a former WNBA Dancer and the founder of the Daily S.L.A.Y. Her keen sense for fashion helps her put together some of the most bomb looks when she’s working out or creating a dance routine. She looks for pops of color and loves to coordinate the different colors when putting together her outfits to workout in.

“As a dancer I like adding things like my flannel to spice up my activewear.”

Tights & flannel- Old Navy
Sports bra- Lulu lemon

Shaquira is a marathon runner who likes to be cute while working out. She pushes herself to the limit to get in the best shape to compete in the different marathons she runs in. Victoria’s Secret activewear brings out her inner beast.

“I can’t look like a VS angel, but I can wear the same gear and be my own angel.”

Sports bra & tights- Victoria's Secret
Sports bra & tights- Victoria’s Secret
Hat- Ralph Lauren

Raina assures to keep fitness in her life. As a standout hurdler in high school, but once she got to college she decided to put the track shoes away; fitness remained a must in her life , however. Whether it’s hitting the Dedman Recreation center at SMU or just going on a run around campus, she’s always sporting Fit 29 workout gear.

“I like anything that brings comfort, breathability and style.”

Top- Fit 29
Tights- Nike
Hat- Cozy cap

Ronnie, is a former TCU cheerleader and is constantly working out to keeping her body looking right. She likes stylish and cute activewear because cute clothes make her want to workout. Lulu lemon is one of her favorite brands to wear because of the girly look and the support the bras would give her when she was a cheerleader.

“Putting on the clothes is half the commitment, but once I’m dressed I’m more motivated to get the workout done.”

Sports bra- Lulu lemon

Kelsey is one among any other women that participate in CrossFit. She loves working out outdoors, so anything with mesh is perfect for her. Wearing spandex shorts when working out make her feel comfortable because of the wide range of flexibility they allow.

“If I can’t move comfortably, then my workout won’t be as beneficial.”

Top- Nike Spandex- Nike
Top- Nike
Spandex- Mizuno
Sports bra- Nike

Regardless of what type of workout you’re going to do make sure you look good doing it because when you look good you feel good (:




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