Post Workout Snack

Hey friends!

I recently visited Nourish Juice and Smoothie Bar in Houston after doing a workout. Now, normally if I’m in a hurry I get a smoothie to replenish my body. I always like to get in some type of nutrients within that 30 minute window post-workout, so when I arrived I asked the employee (he had great customer service) about the best post-workout smoothie. He shared that smoothies are great, but the juice would give me that extra boost to refuel my body from my workout. As a first time juicer I’m all for having an extra edge, so when he recommend two different juices I had to sample them both.

Karma & Carrots Matic
Karma & Southern Squeeze

He told me that Karma, is the juice that they’re most known for. Its used for detoxing, weight loss and boosting your immune system. The ingredients to name a few include, kale, cucumber and organic flax oil. When I first tried it my taste buds weren’t used to it, but on the third sip I began to like it. The other juice, Southern Squeeze had carrot, orange and organic flax oil in it, too. This juice is best for boosting your energy and it has Vitamin C in it. Refer to the menu for other juice flavors. I liked Southern Squeeze the best because it tasted good on the first sip, but both were great.


The ambiance of Nourish Juice and Smoothie Bar is so modern chic. There is an area with games, magazines and cute pillows for you to lounge around and drink your juice. You’ll feel like you’re outdoors without actually being outside. This spot definitely makes for a great post-workout meet up with friends.


There’s also great photo ops at the bar, too and if you’re like me you’ll snapchat the whole time you’re there. And… get this there is FREE WIFI, woohoo! I took the photo below on my way out of the bar. All in all if  you’re looking to detox or boost your energy levels try these two juices. Not only are they affordable, but they taste great and can help you with your fitness goals.

“Eat, sleep, nourish and REPEAT.”



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