How to Dress Up Activewear for Date Night

Women wear activewear beyond just working out in the gym now a days. Activewear has become a major fashion statement as celebs have been spotted out and about wearing cute activewear while shopping and running errands. The comfort and versatility of activewear make it a great go-to for any occasion, but what about date night?       I have asked one of my very good … Continue reading How to Dress Up Activewear for Date Night

Benefits of Pineapple

Most people know that eating fruit is essential to a healthy diet. With so many fruit options at the grocery store it can be hard to choose which fruits are best to purchase. Between the apples, grapes, oranges and bananas it’s easy to overlook other fruits, such as pineapples. With its juicy taste, pineapples are recognized as America’s 2nd favorite tropical fruit after bananas. Having … Continue reading Benefits of Pineapple

5 Hairstyles for Workouts

In my blog titled Black Girls Workout Too I briefly discussed that hair was a factor that kept 40% of Black women from wanting to workout. Sweating out your hair and having to style it for hours after working out is a hassle, especially when you are busy woman. As Black women our hair is our crown; it says so much about ourselves through the various hairstyles that we … Continue reading 5 Hairstyles for Workouts

Hollywood Trail

What is the Hollywood Trail? The ‘Hollywood Trail’ is a lengthy trail full of people, paws and even hooves. Enclosed by a beautiful view of downtown L.A. and the Hollywood sign the Hollywood trail makes for a great workout. Tourists from all over the place travel to see the Hollywood sign and experience the natural wonders of the trail. Words cannot express the beauty you’ll see on … Continue reading Hollywood Trail

Black Girls Workout Too

Two out of five African-American women said they avoided exercise because of hairdo concerns -Huffington Post I have seen this statistic on every website there is on the Internet. For articles to say ‘hair concerns’ keep 40% of African-American women from working out I cannot say I’m not surprised. You spend $60-$100 getting your hair done at the salon every two weeks and don’t want … Continue reading Black Girls Workout Too

Keep Your 2017 New Year Resolutions

It’s 2017! Time to put all your NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS to practice. One of the biggest things that people want to conquer in the new year is conquering their fitness goals. Whether you want to tone, lose weight or simply maintain your fitness levels it all starts with consistency and determination. I’ve mentioned in my previous blogs that you have to be the change that you … Continue reading Keep Your 2017 New Year Resolutions