Hollywood Trail

What is the Hollywood Trail?

The ‘Hollywood Trail’ is a lengthy trail full of people, paws and even hooves. Enclosed by a beautiful view of downtown L.A. and the Hollywood sign the Hollywood trail makes for a great workout. Tourists from all over the place travel to see the Hollywood sign and experience the natural wonders of the trail. Words cannot express the beauty you’ll see on the trail, so that’s something you’ll definitely have to experience on your own.

Recently, I took a trip with some friends to L.A. and we visited the Hollywood Trail. This stop was very exciting for me because I like to workout outside. I feel like I get more out of a workout when I’m outdoors and L.A. has some of the best weather for outdoor workouts, so hiking the trail was going to be quite an experience. Thankfully, my friend had an extra water bottle in their bag for me to drink because 10 minutes into the trail I was so dehydrated. We ran, walked and did lunges up the trail until we finally reached the closest we could get to the Hollywood sign. Having a photo shoot was probably my second favorite part of the trip. The lighting was on point and made every photo come out nice.

Anytime I visit L.A. I always know to make a stop at the Hollywood trail and you should too.



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