Nutrition Talk Tuesday | Hydration

Hey friends, I’ve asked my friend Maiah to give us some tips on better nutrition, hence #NutritionTalkTuesday will now be featured on the blog. Each post will have a different topic to improve your nutrition knowledge.¬† Today’s topic is hydrationūüí¶. Did you know 75% of American adults are dehydrated yet water makes up 75% of your body composition! But how much water do you really … Continue reading Nutrition Talk Tuesday | Hydration

5 Ways to Love Your Body

February is the month of love. It seems the world has deemed Valentine’s Day¬†as the only day that¬†you’re supposed to ¬†show your significant other, best friend, etc how much you truly love them. For me that’s just not good enough. My parents and closest friends have showed me in countless ways how much they love and care about me beyond V-Day. The best way to … Continue reading 5 Ways to Love Your Body