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Stability Ball Workout

Using a stability ball is a fun and easy way to burn calories. A major benefit of a stability ball is that you’re able to use all of your muscles when using it, which encourages the body to react as a whole, instead of only one joint or muscle group. In fact, stability balls challenge you to keep up good posture and balance through the various dynamic exercises you do. The workout below focuses on five Ab exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home. All you need is a stability ball, yoga mat for floor support and something to keep time with.


1.Knee Tuck Crunches

2. Twist Crunches

3. Crunches

4. Wall-Sits

5. Pushups

Each exercise should be completed for 1 minute for 5 rounds. It’s important to take a 2-minute break between rounds, so you can keep up your intensity.

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How to Get Swimsuit Ready for Summer

So you want a bikini body?

With summer just 3 months away you’ve got a little over 90 days to get your body ready to rock any swimsuit. No one wants to be worried with extra flab when they’re chilling by the pool or tanning on the beach. Get ready to strut your stuff with confidence by following these helpful tips on getting swimsuit ready for summer.

1. Cut out the junk food

Seriously, cut it out. In order to see results you have to be willing to sacrifice a few things in order to get there. Sweets, soda and fast food taste good for the moment, but do more bad than good in the long run. Take it one step at a time as you cut out junk food and stay consistent. I’m certain you’ll see results and you’ll feel better, too.

2. Drink lots of water

The average adult’s body is about 50-65% of water. It’s important to drink water because it keeps you hydrated, which is essential because just about every cell in your body needs water to function properly. Other benefits include migraine treatment, aid in digestion and aid in weight loss. Drinking water increases the rate at which your body burns fat, and promotes the breakdown and elimination of fat cells.

3. Do the right workouts

I’ve seen people who workout everyday and see no results, which leaves them feeling frustrated. Lack of intensity and overtraining are two of the reasons you’re not seeing any results. When you workout hard your heart rate increases, which moves your body toward the training zone. This is where results will happen! By overtraining you’re not giving your body enough time to recover, which defeats the purpose of a good workout. When you overtrain, your body will not produce the lean muscle mass you want, which in the end burns off muscle; you don’t want that to happen.

4. Get plenty of sleep

Many of my posts have been geared toward the importance of sleep because it’s essential to your fitness transformation. Regardless if you think you can get by with a few hours of sleep each night, you need the right amount to be able to function throughout the day. Click the links below for more info on how to go to bed sooner:

Nutrition Talk Tuesday | Sleep

The importance of sleep: An inside scoop to boosting brain power & overall wellness

5. Buy swimsuits for your body type

Last, but not least buy swimsuits that flatter your body. According to Shape magazine women with an athletic build should buy swimsuits with cutouts because it allows you to still look sexy with a muscular frame. In addition, women who are want to hide their stomachs should buy one-piece swimsuits with a  waist band. This type of swimsuit provides the illusion of a flat tummy and who wouldn’t want that?

You are the key to having your body swimsuit ready for the summer, so hit the gym or the track today and make it happen.


6 Must-Have Workout Gear

With so many gadgets and gizmos it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends when it comes to workout gear. As of late, one of the most popular tools to enhance working out is the Fitbit . Starting at $100, a Fitbit resembles a watch shape and in addition to keeping the time, it also motivates you to reach your health and fitness goals by keeping track of how much you exercise each day. It’s fun to have friendly competition with others through Fitbit on who walked the most steps in a day. Often, my mom will call me and share how she beat out all her friends by having walked the most steps. So, if you’re in need of some motivation to push you in the right direction checkout the 6-Must Have Workout Gear that are sure to upgrade your fitness lifestyle.

       1. Fitbit

What more can I say about this innovative sports watch? Head over to their website for more info.

      2. Beats by Dre BeatsX Headphones

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The right music can turn your 15-minute cardio burn on the elliptical into a 30-minute cardio burn. These sleek beats headphones, which are priced at $150 allows yourself mobility that you didn’t have before with other beats headphones. These wireless headphones are great because there’s no longer a long cord that gets in the way when you’re lifting weights. With 8 hours of battery life you can keep your headphones on even after you leave the gym.

      3. Nike Elite Cushioned No-Show Tab Running Socks

In order to get in a great workout you have to wear the proper attire. This includes everything from the type of sports bra, tennis shoes and even the socks that you wear. Nike has an elite cushioned no-show sock that keeps your feet comfortable no matter what type of workout that you’re doing. These socks are designed for a perfect fit and come with anti-blister Dri-Fit yarn, which keeps your feet dry even if it rains. If you head over to today you can snag a pair on sale for $12, regularly priced $16.

      4. Prism Fitness Smart Mat

If you don’t know what exercises to do to tackle your core then you absolutely need this mat! The prism fitness smart mat comes with 14 different ab exercises that you can do over a period of time. Priced at $54, this mat is sure to have your abs on fire for the summer.

      5. Nathan Trail Mix 2 Hydration Belt

For my runners, it can be difficult to hold a water bottle and run at the same time. Well, now you don’t have to with the Hydration belt. It stores your phone, keys, two water bottles, etc on your waist while you run. It’s lightweight feel is priced at $45 at Dick’s. In addition, this belt comes with an external power stretch mesh pocket and zippered dimensions pocket that securely stores all of your essentials. There’s also two shock cords with a pull tension lock, which is great for jackets or gloves.

      6. T-Roller

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The T-Roller is basically a massage therapist that you can keep in your purse. This handheld device massages the deep tissues accurately due to its size and mobility. Depending on your area of pain you’re able to use the T-Roller to target whatever trigger point is bothering you. Priced at $20, this T-roller is sure to leave your body feeling good post-workout.

Let’s Get Fit Together

Mommy Motivation

This article is one that is very dear to my heart as my mom has allowed me to share her fitness story.

A recent visit to my mom’s doctor had her wanting to make some serious life changes. Her doctor advised her to avoid wheat and any genetically modified foods. Jokingly to herself my mom said, “Well I guess I can’t eat anything.” My mom grew frustrated from having to once again change her diet and lifestyle habits. I’m sure that some of you reading this can relate to that, too. To my mom she felt that by watching her sodium intake, cutting out fast food and occasionally exercising she was taking the steps to live a healthier lifestyle, but that wasn’t enough! Having gained 7 lbs. in a year she knew that it was time to make drastic changes if she wanted to live longer and I for one wanted her to be around for a very long time.

Simply, doing the bare minimum to be healthy wasn’t going to cut it if she wanted to have a healthy BMI and body fat % for her weight and height. Her goal wasn’t to be skinny, but to be healthy. Often so many women believe that by becoming smaller will mean they’re fit or in shape, but that’s not the case. More people should strive to be healthy because at the end of the day being a size 2 is no different than a size 6 if you are not healthy.

Because I love my mom to pieces I took the liberty of researching the best foods to help her cut her belly fat. That was target area that my mom noticed she gained the most weight in. Below is a list of some of the foods my mom has added to her diet to cut belly fat:

Top Foods to Cut Belly Fat

  • Nuts
  • Blueberries
  • Oatmeal
  • Salmon
  • Grapefruit
  • Green Veggies

In addition, to getting my mom’s food plan under control I knew it was important to also create a workout regime that fits with her busy schedule. As an educator, mother and wife one doesn’t have time to do everything. Even, Wonder woman had to have a break every now and then. My mom’s lack of motivation to workout kept her from working out early in the morning before work, but knowing that her health was on the line fueled her desire to workout. I had a sit down with my mom to find out what she dreaded most about working out.

Me: What keeps you from working out?

Mom: I never have enough time and working out doesn’t interest me.

Me: Why have you not taken the initiative to start a new fitness journey in the past?

Mom: I didn’t think my health was that bad.

Me: What would motivate you to workout?

Mom: Having a committed workout partner just until working out becomes a habit for me.

My mom has  said countless times that she wishes she could just get to a healthy state already. I’m sure that we all wish our fitness transformations could happen in the snap of a finger, but if you want something to last it takes time. I assured my mom that with persistence and time she’d be there in no time. Many of us all want results instantly when embarking on a fitness journey, but it’s the process that seems to be the most rewarding in the end as you see where you came from. If you or anyone you know seem to struggle with losing weight or having a healthy BMI or body fat % give them encouragement because you’d want the same if the roles were reversed.

Be on the look out for the next Mommy Motivation post because I can’t wait to show you my mom’s transformation in months to come.



Nutrition Talk Tuesday | Sleep

Hey friends,

I’ve brought my friend Maiah back for #NutritionTalkTuesday to give you all some advice on how to get more sleep. Read below for how you can get a good night’s rest in order to function at work or school the next day.

 For the first weeks I want to cover topics that can slow down your results. Today’s topic is SLEEP😴 I’m sure you’re already thinking about how much sleep you didn’t get looking at the chart above. There are many things can interfere with how many hours you sleep, from time management to cell phone usage. But we have got to fix that, things like lack of sleep and dehydration can nix your results in the gym. Consistently getting a good nights sleep takes discipline (and a DVR with lots of memory). Here are a few perks of being well rested to motivate you! 

  • MUSCLE BUILDING- all that time pumping iron in the gym  takes a toll on your body and the repair process happens while you’re sleeping. 
  • INCREASED HUNGER- sleep deprivation causes your body to crave carbohydrates 🍩🍪 lack of sleep can cause you to eat a extra 500 calories the next day. 
  • DIGESTION- getting the recommended amount of sleep promotes superior digestion. 🚽😊
  • WEIGHT MANAGEMENT- lack of sleep can slow your metabolism and alter hormones that control your appetite. 😋
  • EXERCISE- lack of sleep can zap your motivation 😣 to work hard in class and speed up fatigue.

These are just a few benefits from being well rested, sleep is vital to many other processes in the body. I hope these perks motivate to get some rest!😴