Nutrition Talk Tuesday | Sleep

Hey friends,

I’ve brought my friend Maiah back for #NutritionTalkTuesday to give you all some advice on how to get more sleep. Read below for how you can get a good night’s rest in order to function at work or school the next day.

 For the first weeks I want to cover topics that can slow down your results. Today’s topic is SLEEP😴 I’m sure you’re already thinking about how much sleep you didn’t get looking at the chart above. There are many things can interfere with how many hours you sleep, from time management to cell phone usage. But we have got to fix that, things like lack of sleep and dehydration can nix your results in the gym. Consistently getting a good nights sleep takes discipline (and a DVR with lots of memory). Here are a few perks of being well rested to motivate you! 

  • MUSCLE BUILDING- all that time pumping iron in the gym  takes a toll on your body and the repair process happens while you’re sleeping. 
  • INCREASED HUNGER- sleep deprivation causes your body to crave carbohydrates 🍩🍪 lack of sleep can cause you to eat a extra 500 calories the next day. 
  • DIGESTION- getting the recommended amount of sleep promotes superior digestion. 🚽😊
  • WEIGHT MANAGEMENT- lack of sleep can slow your metabolism and alter hormones that control your appetite. 😋
  • EXERCISE- lack of sleep can zap your motivation 😣 to work hard in class and speed up fatigue.

These are just a few benefits from being well rested, sleep is vital to many other processes in the body. I hope these perks motivate to get some rest!😴


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