How to Look Good Working Out

As many of you are working hard to get your body ready for summer it’s important to remember that when you look good, you feel good.

What better way to hit the weights or conquer your cardio workout than by looking FAB?

My friend, Christen, former WNBA dancer is always up to date with the latest trends. I’ve asked her to share how wearing cute activewear helps her conquer any workout.

Pieces that make me feel strong and confident make me feel great.

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For those curious on where to get cute activewear on a budget look no further than Ellie activewear, which is what Christen is wearing. They offer 5 items for your active lifestyle for only $49.95 a month. Most of the items in the box include a sports bra, T-shirt, leggings or capris and 2 accessories. If you were to purchase those items individually those 5 items would total more than $49.95. Now, if you’re still not convinced watch the video below.


How to Stay Fit while Pregnant

Bringing new life into the world is an absolute blessing. Babies have an aura about themselves, that makes life just a tad bit sweeter. One of my friends and former teammate, Craishia Washington, from college recently gave birth to a little boy. I have invited her to share her advice to other mothers who are expecting and want to stay active during their pregnancy. It should be noted that neither myself or Craishia are not medical experts, therefore what may have worked for her during pregnancy may not work for you. Always seek your doctor’s advice before trying any workout when you’re expecting.

Me: Did you find it difficult to workout during your pregnancy? 

Craishia: This was not an issue for me since I lived a very active lifestyle prior to my pregnancy. The rule of thumb during pregnancy is to not try something new – so if you’ve always worked out then you’ll be fine continuing as long as you modify the further along you get. If you weren’t active before, it’s not the safest idea to try to become an Olympian so to speak. Instead, perform moderate exercises as often as you can.

Me: What advice would you give to expecting mothers who want to be able to workout?

Craishia: For expecting mothers, I would advise you to be as active as you can while you can in the beginning. I had a much smoother delivery than I could imagine – which many mothers told me likely attributed to my physical fitness level. Plus, the further along I became, the less I was able to do.

Me: What were some of the workouts you did during your pregnancy?

Craishia: I focused hard on cardio, as building muscle was no longer a priority for me but rather shedding any extra fat for my delivery. I began with treadmill runs mixed with free weights in the beginning (dumbbell) which included incorporating the squat rack and even bench press; I even had a couple of yoga sessions (which is highly recommended throughout the entire life of your pregnancy). Towards the end, I switched over to the elliptical, since running became more difficult, followed by battle rope exercises and squats with medicine balls. To switch it up on a given day, I did dumbbell lunges or even push ups.

Me: How often did you work out while pregnant?

Craishia: In the beginning of my pregnancy, I worked out daily during the work week and took my weekends off as regular. Towards the nearing end of my pregnancy, my sessions were as frequent as 2-4 times a week.

Me: What was a motivational factor that made you want to workout while pregnant?

Craishia: My biggest motivational factor for exercise during my pregnancy was my delivery. My doctor and other mothers informed me of how much exercise helps for a smoother delivery.

I wanted to prep my body the best way I knew how.

Craishia & baby Dj (4 weeks).
Sharing real life experiences related to health and wellness with young women has always been my ultimate goal with Fit 29. There’s so much information on this topic online, but having information that you can actually relate to you helps you process it better. For mothers that are expecting, or trying to get pregnant I hope Craishia’s experience has given you inspiration to stay fit as you conquer motherhood.

DIY Acne Treatment

Pimples, dark spots and acne scars. 

They ruin your selfies.

They make you feel socially awkward.

And even worse…

They ruin your self esteem.

If you’re like me the minute you spot a pimple you want it gone asap. Picking your pimples may not be the best way to get rid of them. However, in the event you do pick your pimples I’ve discovered a home regimen that can get rid of the acne scar that’s left behind. Well, actually two home regimens.

The first is simple, use toothpaste. It really works!

I’m not sure what it is, but whenever you feel a pimple underneath your skin the best way to keep it from showing up on your face is to sleep with toothpaste on the spot overnight. You will wake up the next morning pimple-free. The best part of this quick fix is that toothpaste is inexpensive, so you won’t waste money on a skin treatment that may not even work quickly.

Now, on to my all-time favorite home regimen. This DIY Acne Treatment requires three ingredients; lemons, baking soda and water. Follow the steps below to create your own spot treatment that’s sure to zap away those horrid little creatures.

Step 1: Cut your lemon

Step 2: Pour a teaspoon of baking soda in a bowl

Step 3: Take your finger and dab the lemon juice over your pimple

Step 4: Take a different finger and dab the baking soda over that same pimple

(You’re going to feel a tingling sensation once you do this, but it’s just the ingredients working together to zap your pimple)

Step 5: Take a warm towel after 3-5 minutes and rinse your face of the ingredients

(You should repeat these steps twice a day until you see the pimple diminish)

I hope this helps you stay pimple-free! 

Nutrition Talk Tuesday | In Your 20s

Once again, it is Nutrition Talk Tuesday and rather having a write-up for you all to read my friend and nutritionist, Maiah has created a video clip that touches on women and the body changes they experience in their 20s. Our bodies make a lot of changes and knowing about them before hand can really help you stay on top of them! Now, as a millennial myself my outer appearance is quite important to me. Having acne scars, etc can just ruin your day. In this video Maiah gives a break down of why we age in our 20s based on the types of foods we eat and even the lifestyles we live. She even gives an inside look of why as women we gain weight the older we get. Make sure you watch the entire video because it is great information and it’s only 6 minutes long… surely, you can set aside 6 minutes of your day to watch this video (:


Family Workout

As a fitness enthusiast and certified personal trainer I always find ways to make sure that my family is staying active. Yesterday, on Easter Sunday my dad, sister and I hit the track to work off our easter BBQ (My dad is quite the chef).

Now, usually my dad is able to hang with my sister and I when it comes to sprinting, but his ankle didn’t allow him to keep up with our speed. We did about 6 sprints before starting our circuit training, which included running a mile. As part of our mile we walked the straight, ran the curve and vice versa. Now, in between the curve and the straight we would do a different exercise variation (abs, push-ups, squat jumps, lunges, etc). This type of circuit training is great because you’re using your own body weight and you’re able to go at your own pace, too. Being the competitive person I am I made sure I stayed one step ahead of my dad and sister.

Following this workout my dad decided to run a few bleachers to show off while my sister and I did our cool down stretches. I love being part of a family that loves to be outdoors and be active. We’re able to spend time together all while working out. I would definitely encourage you to get together with your family and workout. It shows that you each prioritize your overall health and wellness as well as simply being with your loved ones.

Some great locations for working out with your family include your local park, school or recreation center. Most recreation centers offer deals for family memberships. Getting a family membership  is an excellent way to keep your family active on a consistent basis. For workouts you can do with your family click this link.

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10 Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight is a difficult thing to do, but it can be done. Often people think that by eating right and exercising daily they’ll see a fitness transformation within themselves. Although, these things are true there are other factors that play into a person’s fitness transformation. I created a list of 10 Weight Loss tips to help you or anyone you know take on their weight loss journey. It’s important to remember that with any fitness transformation you have to be patient and consistent with everything that you do.

       1. Always eat at the table

I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed that whenever I eat in my bed or on the couch I tend to indulge more than I should. There’s just something about eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at the table that keeps you from overeating. You’re more mindful of what is in front of you and won’t try to take in as much. The next time you’re hungry eat your meal at the table and see the difference it makes.

      2. Avoid weighing yourself daily

Looking at the number on the scale can distract you from the most important goal, which is being fit and healthy. When you’re so consumed with the number that you see you’re more concerned with getting to a specific weight rather than developing healthy practices, which can make a bigger difference in the long run.

      3. Eat healthy snacks when you are craving sweets

Whenever you crave something sweet try replacing it with something healthy instead. For example, instead of eating chips eat almonds or a piece of fruit instead. When you train your brain to go for the healthier foods rather than sweets and fatty snacks it will become a habit.

     4. Learn to cook for yourself, I mean really cook

Using UberEATS or ordering out can be nice, but overdoing it can put a hindrance on your health. It’s okay to have a cheat day once a week, but eating out too much will not only leave your body feeling sluggish, but will leave your pockets empty, too.

     5. Take the stairs every chance you get

If you don’t have the time to exercise due to work, school or simply just having a busy schedule try using every chance you get to workout. If that means taking the stairs instead of the elevator, so be it. If that means walking further from your parking spot to your destination, do it! Every little bit of exercise can add up each day, so take advantage of those opportunities.

     6. Don’t compare your body to others

Body comparisons can be the biggest downfall to a person’s weight loss transformation. You have to know that everyone is not meant to be a size 4. Appreciating your own body will help you learn to be confident in your own skin. Ultimately, the goal is to be fit and healthy not someone that you’re not.

     7. Do workouts you enjoy

There’s nothing worse than doing a workout you hate as part of your weight loss journey. Workouts with high intensity are fun to do, but shouldn’t be completed if you don’t have previous experience in doing them. Having a knowledgeable trainer that can create workout plans geared for your body are the best way to ensure that you’re getting the exercise you need each day.

     8. Replace soda & fruity drinks with water

Your body is 60% water, so why not fill it with it? Soda and fruity drinks can actually make you more full when you’re eating a meal compared to drinking just water. I always tell people to take your weight multiplied by 2/3 and the number you get is how many ounces you should drink daily. Not to mention that drinking water hydrates you after a workout, too.

     9. Get an accountability partner

Having an accountability partner helps you keep your goals because you’re surrounded by people who want the same things that you do, which is ultimately a healthier lifestyle. Working out with friends is always fun and is a great way to not skip out on a workout because you’d be meeting up with someone and you wouldn’t want to cancel on them.

    10. Visit a doctor

Checking in with your physician is a great way to examine one’s overall health and wellness. A physician can let you know if you have any health issues that could keep you from losing weight. It’s important to find that out because that could be a huge element that’s missing from your weight loss journey.

I hope that you reach your fitness goals and become the best you that you can possibly be. Once you reach your goal weight it’s important to remember everything you did to get there and maintain that weight. Overtime you will learn to develop healthy eating and lifestyle habits, which will carry you through your fitness transformation.