Family Workout

As a fitness enthusiast and certified personal trainer I always find ways to make sure that my family is staying active. Yesterday, on Easter Sunday my dad, sister and I hit the track to work off our easter BBQ (My dad is quite the chef).

Now, usually my dad is able to hang with my sister and I when it comes to sprinting, but his ankle didn’t allow him to keep up with our speed. We did about 6 sprints before starting our circuit training, which included running a mile. As part of our mile we walked the straight, ran the curve and vice versa. Now, in between the curve and the straight we would do a different exercise variation (abs, push-ups, squat jumps, lunges, etc). This type of circuit training is great because you’re using your own body weight and you’re able to go at your own pace, too. Being the competitive person I am I made sure I stayed one step ahead of my dad and sister.

Following this workout my dad decided to run a few bleachers to show off while my sister and I did our cool down stretches. I love being part of a family that loves to be outdoors and be active. We’re able to spend time together all while working out. I would definitely encourage you to get together with your family and workout. It shows that you each prioritize your overall health and wellness as well as simply being with your loved ones.

Some great locations for working out with your family include your local park, school or recreation center. Most recreation centers offer deals for family memberships. Getting a family membership  is an excellent way to keep your family active on a consistent basis. For workouts you can do with your family click this link.

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