Core Focused Yoga

Yesterday, I attended a Core Focused Yoga class in Discovery Green in Houston with my friends. I was hesitant at first because I often feel that I do not reap the benefits that yoga has to offer. I went to the class with an open-mind, however in order to learn a new type of yoga. Having my friends come with me made the experience worthwhile!

For those who are not familiar with Discovery Green in Houston I highly recommend you go to check it out. It’s basically a giant park downtown that offers various activities for you to participate in. Each activity is suitable for the whole family. Visit their website for a schedule of events and group meetings that they post daily.

Now, back to my yoga experience!

Make sure you have a yoga mat or even a towel to use during the class or you’ll have to purchase one. As class began we practiced deep breathing exercises to release any negative energy that we had. Having had a long day of work made this part was much needed for myself. The instructor quickly got into the different type of poses that we would be completing for the day, which took about a hour to complete. There were some poses that I wasn’t able to do as my body just wasn’t flexible enough to complete them. The class ended with us laying on our backs on our yoga mats and sinking into the ground. This exercise was intended to help us ultimately relax everything that we had worked prior to class starting. All in all I enjoyed my experience in the class and would definitely go again. Below are some pictures I took with my friends trying our best to mimic the poses from class.

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