Best Beyoncé Songs to Workout to

Everyone knows that any Beyoncé song makes the best go-to for a workout playlist. From Crazy in Love to Formation you’re sure to get your heart pumping for any workout routine you do. There’s just something about hearing Bey playing that just gets you moving. My all-time fave Beyoncé song to workout to is Get Me Bodied, especially when the last part comes in that tells you the different movements to complete. I’ve complied a list of the Top 10 Beyoncé Songs to Workout to below:

  1. Get Me Bodied [Extended Mix] 6:18
  2. Crazy in Love 3:56
  3. Formation 3:26
  4. Upgrade U 4:32
  5. Freakum Dress 3:20
  6. Diva 3:20
  7. Sorry 3:52
  8. Blow 5:09
  9. Grown Woman 4:25
  10. Run the World 3:55

And while you’re listening to Beyoncé you might as well drink yourself a gallon of water to hydrate yourself from all the calories you’re burning.

Here’s some workout motivation, who’s trying to be like Bey?

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