Supplement Powder REVIEW

Here is the 411 on SUPPLEMENT POWDER: Formula X

It would seem that every “fit” person takes some sort of supplement whether it’s in pill or powder form to enhance their workouts. It’s also important to be careful that the supplements you take don’t have banned substances in them. 



  1. Promotes Muscle Growth- this formula builds lean muscle by fueling your body with strength and lasting stamina to endure weight training
  2. More effective D-AA- this amino acid helps improve exercise and muscle building supplements, which are promoted as effective testosterone boosters

How Formula-X Works?

D-AA, a major ingredient of Formula-X, is helpful to athletes because of its testosterone boosting capability. However, higher counts of this hormone that are achieved through use of D-AA normally last for just one week or possibly ten days, and at the end of this time period, bodily testosterone levels return to their previous counts. Athletix Sports experts knew when creating this formula that they must include other ingredients with strong and enduring testosterone boosting properties in order to supply serious bodybuilders and exercise advocates with stabilized increases of this important energizing and muscle building hormone to ensure their success in their fitness commitments and pursuits. By adding the ingredient of L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate (LCLT), the formulators of this supplement ensured that users of this supplement would need significantly shorter recovery time after demanding workouts and would no longer experience recurring pain or exhaustion from strenuous exercise.



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