One Year Later

Today marks one year since the launch of 

To date I’ve had 1,759 visitors to the website.

It’s crazy to believe that a whole year has gone by so fast. What’s even crazier is that I actually waited to create this website with fear of thinking that what I was going to create wasn’t going to be good enough. I say that to encourage anyone who has a desire to do something to just GO FOR IT. Don’t let fear or even someone else keep you from doing something that you want to do. Ultimately you’ll learn to cultivate whatever it is you’re doing along the way. Like me, for example I had no clue how to code or even utilize WordPress to its full capacity. Whatever you do doesn’t have to be perfect right off the back. Many people who’ve launched businesses, etc can share that their first attempts at being successful were a flop, but that’s the beauty in watching something develop into something great.

As I reflect on this year I’m happy with the way my website has developed as well as the feedback I’ve been receiving on my blog posts. It’s refreshing to know that people are interacting with the content I post, so I know that I’m not just posting things for the heck of it. Furthermore, whenever I get comments saying that people do the workouts that I post that’s very rewarding. Knowing that I’m able to reach others and encourage them to start on their fitness transformation is one of the many goals of Fit 29. It’s my hope to continue to share workouts and encourage others to start getting active in the many years to come.




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