Brain Benefits of Exercising

We all know that the benefits to exercising are getting in shape. Losing weight and having toned muscles are some results of regular exercise. While working out makes the body feel good, there are also brain benefits to exercising. Some of these brain benefits include: Improve Memory Increase production of neurochemicals that promote brain cell repair Lengthen attention span Boost decision making skills Prompt growth … Continue reading Brain Benefits of Exercising

Nutrition Talk Tuesday | The Lymphatic System

HAPPY TUESDAY EVERYONE! Maiah is back with some great information on the lymphatic system and understanding how our body processes energy and burns fat.  READ BELOW (: So what is THE LYMPHATIC SYSTEM??? – The LYMPHATIC system is made of small organs throughout the body made of lymphocytes connected by vessels that carry LYMPH fluid which is made of white blood cells waste – They swell … Continue reading Nutrition Talk Tuesday | The Lymphatic System