Best Places for Outdoor Workouts

Summers in Texas are HOT! 

There’s just something about Texas heat that’s unbearable especially when you’re in it during the middle of the day.

Although the weather is super hot, if you time it correctly this type of climate makes for great outdoor workouts. The best times to workout outdoors in summer heat are early mornings or late afternoons. I’ve created my Top 5 places for doing outdoor workouts in DFW and Houston. Some of you may be familiar with some of these locations as I’ve recorded many workout videos there.


S.J. Stovall Park, Arlington, Texas

I absolutely love this place. Arlington is my hometown and when I decided to create Fit twenty.nine this was one of the first places I went to train clients, workout and even record workout videos. They have an awesome trail there that’s about a mile and a half. There’s also two open fields that you can do total body exercises on. If you’re ever in the area this is definitely a park to take your family to because there’s a WATERPARK! (:

Katy Trail, Dallas, Texas

For my runners and bikers this is the trail for you if you live in Dallas. The scenery is beyond beautiful and make for great pictures. You can even take your dog there for a walk.

Cedar Hill State Park, Cedar Hill, Texas

If you’re into hiking then the Cedar Hill State Park is the place for you. Make sure you have on the appropriate workout attire and shoes to avoid the creepy crawlers that might come your way.


Discovery Green, Houston, Texas

I wrote a blog post on a Yoga class that I attended at Discovery Green. If you go to their website you’ll see that they post different types of workout classes that you can attend like Zumba, Parkour (which turns working out to simply just playing around and having FUN, while burning calories) and so much more. You definitely have to check it out and if you just so happen to take a picture post it to your social media using the hashtag #dgfitness

Hermann Park, Houston, Texas

Recently I stumbled across Hermann Park and I must say this park is by far the best I’ve seen in Houston. There’s so much to do there besides running on a trail. They have a golf course, water area for kids, boat paddling and not to mention great scenery. I’ve taken a few pics here and even recorded some workout videos there too. Even if you don’t want to workout there you can just go there to relax by the pond and feed the cute baby ducks.


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