Workout Couples

We’ve seen them all over social media using the hashtags #FitCouple #WorkoutBae and so forth, it would seem that having a significant other who you can workout with is the new wave. Are you on board?

As a fitness enthusiast myself I see the immense benefits to having someone of the opposite sex for me to train with. In my past relationship, working out was something that we did together. Having an accountability partner of the opposite sex is truly invigorating. The competition I received from working out with a male pushed me to go beyond what I would normally would.

Now, recently I was asked could I see myself dating anyone that wasn’t fit or even trying to become fit? Initially, my answer was yes because I figured I could shape them to want to take control of their fitness life, but that answer has since changed as of late. I couldn’t see myself with someone who doesn’t have a drive or desire to want to be fit. While I’m going to get workouts in they’re more than likely trying to watch the latest Dragon Ball Z episode or playing video games. The two simply don’t correlate and that’s something I’m not willing to put up with.

I want to be with someone who will motivate me while we’re working out together, someone who tells me to not skip leg day and most importantly someone who tells me to put the pizza down because my body doesn’t need it. I love getting on Instagram and seeing fitness couples post their workout videos and their daily routines outside of the gym. It’s so inspiring to see! I can’t imagine going to the pool with my significant other and they’re embarrassed to take their shirt off because they don’t workout and have flab.

All in all working out should be something that you do for you and not for someone else, but when you get to the point where you have a significant other that you can hit the gym/park with it makes it more FUN!


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