Nutrition Talk Tuesday | The Lymphatic System

Maiah is back with some great information on the lymphatic system and understanding how our body processes energy and burns fat.  READ BELOW (:

– The LYMPHATIC system is made of small organs throughout the body made of lymphocytes connected by vessels that carry LYMPH fluid which is made of white blood cells waste
– They swell when there is an infection in that area of the body (how your neck is tender and swollen when you have a cold) to bring more white blood feels to fight the infection
– Helps fight infection by delivering white blood cells to infected area
– Aids in absorption of fats & fat soluble nutrients in the digestive system
– And help maintain fluid balance in blood and tissue
The LYMPHATIC systems functions seem simple enough, but unlike the cardiovascular system, the LYMPHATIC system isn’t under pressure and only flows if we make it! Inactivity can cause significant decline in lymphatic flow which can a plethora of problems like the ones listed above! So if you have 3 or more of those symptoms keep reading!
1. Exercise daily
2. Focus on low inflammatory diet
3. Get massages or Self Massage
4. Dry brushing
5. Practice yoga or stretching
6. Detox with baths or saunas
7. Jump on a trampoline
8. Practice inversions or use inversion table

I hope this post makes your more mindful of your amazing LYMPHATIC system and how to take care of it! If you have any questions or would like more information on the method listed a comment below and As always, thank you for reading (:


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