What The Health?

The newest movie to hit Netflix is What The Health? Since its release many people have made the switch from being a meat-eater to going vegan. I personally haven’t watched the film, but seeing everyone comment about how the film exposes the lies that the food industry is telling us I can’t help but wonder would I become vegan after watching, too. Currently, I am a meat-eater, but I do tend to eat healthy. I balance out my BBQ and steak meals throughout the week and try my best not to go overboard when it comes to bread and other junk foods. I always choose ground turkey over beef when it’s TACO TUESDAY lol. It’s very important to have documentaries that inform consumers of what they are putting into their bodies. On the contrary, I think that after watching the film one should do their own research to fact check the information being given to them. It’s important to make sure your information is always credible and that’s for anything in life. Furthermore, I do believe that whenever I do decide to watch the film I will be more cautious of certain things that I eat/drink. To give up my BBQ tho would be a stretch… I love hot links and ribs way too much lol.

If you’ve watched the film leave a comment below about your thoughts, I’d live to hear them.




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