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Why I’m Disappointed with my Fitbit

As an active person I like wearing fitness gear that can track my heart rate and my overall activity. The product that I’ve been using as of late to do that is the Fitbit Charge HR. It’s definitely been a huge asset to tracking how active I am in a day, but after one visit to the gym I found myself disappointed with my Fitbit.

I was on the stair climber at my local gym and of course I had on my Fitbit to track how many steps I’d be getting from my workout. After having used the stair climber for 10 minutes, it recorded that I had walked a total of 656 steps as seen in the picture. 

Now, I assumed that my Fitbit would have added those 656 steps to the steps I already got from earlier in the day. I was completely wrong! The picture below is of my Fitbit as soon as I completed my 10-minute workout via the stair climber. 

Having completed this workout my Fitbit should’ve read 981 steps, but not once did it move from the steps I had from earlier in the day. After getting off the stairclimber, my steps were tracked just fine. This has never happened to me before on the elliptical or the treadmill, so to any Fitbit tech out there that may be reading this do you have an explanation for why my Fitbit didn’t track my steps on the stairclimber?

I love my Fitbit, but this incident definitely left me disappointed in the product as the whole point of wearing a Fitbit while working out is to track your activity. If you’ve ever had any issues with your Fitbit I want to hear about them. Also, feel free to offer any solutions you may have came up with while using your Fitbit.





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The Reason you’re Not Getting Toned

So, you go to the gym everyday working on sculpting your arms to realize that after about two weeks you see no change or definition. Why is that?

The answer is simple, you aren’t lifting heavy enough. You cannot expect to sculpt and tone your body by using the bare minimum while exercising. We all know that by doing any kind of strength training you’re guaranteed to burn fat, but to have toned arms, legs, etc you have to put stress on your muscles. Lifting heavy allows your muscles to build strength. In addition, by lifting heavy you’ll get the toned and defined look you want.

If you’re not afraid to take a leap and start lifting heavier check out the links below that are guaranteed to have you looking super-fit.







All About the Charcoal Mask

The newest product by Mary Kay has raving reviews and I’ve asked my good friend, Regina (who’s a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant) to share everything you need to know about the CHARCOAL MASK. This mask will expose all of your nasty blackheads leaving your face with a glow as a result (:

What Activated Charcoal is Used for

1. Activated charcoal has been used for many many years. In underdeveloped countries they use it for wounds because it gets rid of toxins

2. In the medical field they use it for people who overdose or have alcohol poisoning to detoxify the stomach
3. Activated charcoal is now being used for teeth whitening and are also being out in smoothies/ juice as a detox drink

Mary Kay Clear Proof Activated Charcoal Mask

1. The activated charcoal acts like a magnet and binds to impurities/toxins (dirt, bacteria, blackheads) 2-3 layers deep bringing everything to the surface surface this is called adsorption. The mask also holds 2 times it’s weight in impurities. Pore become less visible because dirt and oils make them look bigger.
2. The mask contains kaolin and bentonite clay which helps remove any excess oils
3. Mask contains navy bean extract which works to target the appearance of skin discoloration and help smooth out skin. Honeysuckle, peppermint, and rosemary extract is used to prevent bacteria and infection, also gives for a fresh scent and slight tingling feeling.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Mary Kay mask then contact Regina below:
Phone number: (817) 360-9884

How Working Out with Friends can Motivate You

There’s something about working out with friends that just makes you not want to quit during a workout. The conversations had and just being around people who want to see you succeed is such a great feeling. Unless you’re a self-motivated kind of person, having an accountability partner come with you to the gym, etc can keep you on your fitness regime. After all, you’re less likely to skip out on a workout when you’re going to meet up with someone. I’ve asked some of my girls that I often workout with to share how working out with friends motivates them.

I believe working out with your friends is definitely a motivational push. I like to work out with my friends because It helps me stay more focused on the workout and reaching the finish line.

-Alex Cabrera

Working out with friends motivates me in multiple ways. 1) Struggles with motivation 2) Brings new variety to each workout 3) A little friendly competition goes a long way.

-Brianna Brooks

The next time you need a workout pick me up grab a gal pal and head to the park or gym and just go for it. You’d be surprised how fast a hour can go by when you have someone there to push you through each different exercise. Ultimately, having an accountability partner will amp your intensity and will make your workouts fun; you’re bound to stay motivated from that (:



The Best Shoes to Workout In

Whenever you’re working out the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your shoes fit. Having the proper shoes on during your workout can make all the difference when you’re getting it in. I’m a Nike kind of girl when it comes to my workout shoes. They provide comfort and come in various styles. I’ve compiled a list of the Top 4 best shoes to workout in right now.


These shoes are excellent for running as they provide great ankle support to tackle any type of trail you may run on. These shoes come in various colors, too. Many distance runners use these shoes for training.





These shoes are also great for going on runs, too. Their designed to provide breathable mesh uppers, full-length Phylon midsoles and rubber crash rails on the outsoles. These shoes will keep your feet comfortable to the finish line and beyond.







These running-ready shoes are great to workout in because of their foam-injected insole and breathable mesh, which provides comfortable support on any terrain. The shoes has great ankle support, so your lower body is protected during any vigorous exercise.







Any type of workout you do will instantly be boosted with these shoes as they provide a “boost” of endless comfort. This is one of Adidas’ most durable and cushioned shoes. You’re guaranteed to have an extra pep in each step you take no matter what type of workout you’re doing.







Your feet are an important part of your overall workout experience, so make sure you wear the proper footwear for any workout. Often, we may want to save money by not buying shoes that are pricey, which is totally fine. However, in some cases it’s okay to splurge when it’s something that can have an effect on your body. After all, you get what you pay for.