Get to Know: Baylore Walker

Hello fitness friends (: I’ve introduced a new topic in which you can get to know different fitness gurus in DFW. Some of these people have been featured in my fitness blogs and even in my workout videos on Youtube. There’s so many different types of fitness gurus out there, which is the beauty in being part of the fitness industry. Here’s your opportunity to … Continue reading Get to Know: Baylore Walker

The Reason you’re Not Getting Toned

So, you go to the gym everyday working on sculpting your arms to realize that after about two weeks you see no change or definition. Why is that? The answer is simple, you aren’t lifting heavy enough. You cannot expect to sculpt and tone your body by using the bare minimum while exercising. We all know that by doing any kind of strength training you’re … Continue reading The Reason you’re Not Getting Toned

How Working Out with Friends can Motivate You

There’s something about working out with friends that just makes you not want to quit during a workout. The conversations had and just being around people who want to see you succeed is such a great feeling. Unless you’re a self-motivated kind of person, having an accountability partner come with you to the gym, etc can keep you on your fitness regime. After all, you’re … Continue reading How Working Out with Friends can Motivate You

Let’s Talk about POOP!

💩 #2 BOO-BOO There’s so many names for the word poop. The word itself makes people feel so uncomfortable, but we must talk about it. According to Dr. Griglione of UnityPoint Health, we poop as a way to eliminate fecal material, which consists of undigested food, the lining of our gastrointestinal tract (which sheds its surface layer every few days), plus bacteria. In short, the … Continue reading Let’s Talk about POOP!