How Working Out with Friends can Motivate You

There’s something about working out with friends that just makes you not want to quit during a workout. The conversations had and just being around people who want to see you succeed is such a great feeling. Unless you’re a self-motivated kind of person, having an accountability partner come with you to the gym, etc can keep you on your fitness regime. After all, you’re less likely to skip out on a workout when you’re going to meet up with someone. I’ve asked some of my girls that I often workout with to share how working out with friends motivates them.

I believe working out with your friends is definitely a motivational push. I like to work out with my friends because It helps me stay more focused on the workout and reaching the finish line.

-Alex Cabrera

Working out with friends motivates me in multiple ways. 1) Struggles with motivation 2) Brings new variety to each workout 3) A little friendly competition goes a long way.

-Brianna Brooks

The next time you need a workout pick me up grab a gal pal and head to the park or gym and just go for it. You’d be surprised how fast a hour can go by when you have someone there to push you through each different exercise. Ultimately, having an accountability partner will amp your intensity and will make your workouts fun; you’re bound to stay motivated from that (:




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