All About the Charcoal Mask

The newest product by Mary Kay has raving reviews and I’ve asked my good friend, Regina (who’s a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant) to share everything you need to know about the CHARCOAL MASK. This mask will expose all of your nasty blackheads leaving your face with a glow as a result (:

What Activated Charcoal is Used for

1. Activated charcoal has been used for many many years. In underdeveloped countries they use it for wounds because it gets rid of toxins

2. In the medical field they use it for people who overdose or have alcohol poisoning to detoxify the stomach
3. Activated charcoal is now being used for teeth whitening and are also being out in smoothies/ juice as a detox drink

Mary Kay Clear Proof Activated Charcoal Mask

1. The activated charcoal acts like a magnet and binds to impurities/toxins (dirt, bacteria, blackheads) 2-3 layers deep bringing everything to the surface surface this is called adsorption. The mask also holds 2 times it’s weight in impurities. Pore become less visible because dirt and oils make them look bigger.
2. The mask contains kaolin and bentonite clay which helps remove any excess oils
3. Mask contains navy bean extract which works to target the appearance of skin discoloration and help smooth out skin. Honeysuckle, peppermint, and rosemary extract is used to prevent bacteria and infection, also gives for a fresh scent and slight tingling feeling.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Mary Kay mask then contact Regina below:
Phone number: (817) 360-9884

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