Why I’m Disappointed with my Fitbit

As an active person I like wearing fitness gear that can track my heart rate and my overall activity. The product that I’ve been using as of late to do that is the Fitbit Charge HR. It’s definitely been a huge asset to tracking how active I am in a day, but after one visit to the gym I found myself disappointed with my Fitbit.

I was on the stair climber at my local gym and of course I had on my Fitbit to track how many steps I’d be getting from my workout. After having used the stair climber for 10 minutes, it recorded that I had walked a total of 656 steps as seen in the picture. 

Now, I assumed that my Fitbit would have added those 656 steps to the steps I already got from earlier in the day. I was completely wrong! The picture below is of my Fitbit as soon as I completed my 10-minute workout via the stair climber. 

Having completed this workout my Fitbit should’ve read 981 steps, but not once did it move from the steps I had from earlier in the day. After getting off the stairclimber, my steps were tracked just fine. This has never happened to me before on the elliptical or the treadmill, so to any Fitbit tech out there that may be reading this do you have an explanation for why my Fitbit didn’t track my steps on the stairclimber?

I love my Fitbit, but this incident definitely left me disappointed in the product as the whole point of wearing a Fitbit while working out is to track your activity. If you’ve ever had any issues with your Fitbit I want to hear about them. Also, feel free to offer any solutions you may have came up with while using your Fitbit.






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