Fitness Tips for Women

Hey guys! Recently my fitness friend, Maiah & I have began vlogging fitness tips that we use to stay healthy and in shape. As a working woman it can be hard to balance working out and handling life’s daily challenges. We hope that our tips and suggestions help you throughout your fitness journey. Click here to subscribe to my channel and check out our recent videos below.


Is your Significant Other Making you Fat?

Are you in a relationship?

Do you have relationship weight?

First and foremost ‘relationship weight’ is defined as weight gained during a romantic relationship.

Often, when a person is single they often put in work to enhance their body appearance. Whether that’s being cautious of how they dress or the type of hairstyle they wear, people will try to impress someone they find interest in. On the contrary, when you become comfortable with someone and ultimately begin dating you care less about the way you look. You then fail to do everything you did to get them and may even gain weight, too.

Relationship weight is real, so if you find yourself in that predicament it’s important to realize the signs before you end up having to do a total body transformation. Instead of eating out all the time and doing activities that don’t require a lot of movement try to incorporate health-related benefits into the relationship. It’s extremely important to encourage your partner if you notice that they are starting to “let themselves go”. Caring about that individual means caring about their health and well-being, too. Going to the movies, etc can be nice, but activities like these don’t require a lot of mobility. Instead, suggest outdoor or recreational activities like bike riding, group exercise classes, or even hiking to get active.

Lastly, people can really lose themselves to a relationship. Don’t allow yourself to lose focus of caring for your body and well-being. When you make your health a priority it shows to others and when people know what you’re about they’re able to get on board, too. Now, relationship weight gain is all about positive choices (Click here to read on a study done on happily married couples that tend to gain more weight than others). If you’re  prioritizing your physical condition and you’re happy — especially within the confines of your relationship — then you shouldn’t have any issues.




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The Benefits of a Pole Fitness Class

When most people think of a pole they instantly assume strippers will be involved. That’s not the case with this post. Pole Fitness is a type of group exercise class, which involves a variety of movements that strengthen your muscles and core. Most people leave a pole fitness class with a boost of confidence, feeling sexy and ready to conquer the world.

Some other benefits to taking a pole fitness class include:

  • Cardio workout- you’ll sweat a lot and burn lots of calories, too.
  • Strengthen your back- development of your back muscles
  • Flexibility- lots of stretching
  • Coordination & balance- you’ll learn to control spins, turns and pivots

Now, I took Donna’s class at Mind Body & Pole Fitness in Arlington , Texas and the class was so awesome. Donna is a great instructor and she breaks down each movement for you to learn step by step. She encourages you to channel your alter ego and really get into the movements. At the end of the class I was able to perform my own routine to my choice of music, which made the experience worth while.

Best of all, pole fitness classes don’t feel like exercise because it’s so FUN. You’ll be so in tune with learning all the different moves that you fail to realize you’re actually working your muscles, but rest assure you’ll feel it the next day. I know whenever I woke up the next day my arms were so sore, but felt super toned.

Mind Body & Pole Fitness is fitness with a twist, so the next time you’re in DFW you should definitely check them out. You won’t regret it! Be sure to request Donna as your instructor, too.



Bike Riding FUN with LimeBike

Recently, I visited Katy trail in Dallas and had the time of my life! Now, usually whenever I go to a trail I run, but this time I rode a bike (LimeBike), which was super fun and also made for a great cardio workout.

LimeBike is an app that allows you to locate and ride a bike in their operating cities/campuses. The LimeBikes are posted in various locations just waiting to be unlocked by a special QR code you get through the app. Carrying a bike in your vehicle can be a hassle when you’re trying to find a trail or park to ride on. This app makes it easier and faster to get around for a workout or just for leisure. Click the link to see how it works for yourself.

Once I unlocked my bike I pedaled both uphill and downhill for a total of six miles. I burned over 150 calories during this ride. Everyone knows that Texas heat is no joke, so I was so happy that there was a STOP N GO spot along the trail with water. This cool down area made riding along the trail bearable. 





I highly recommend that if you’re ever in DFW to give LimeBike a try. With the Fall season approaching riding along Katy trail makes for a great date or outdoor activity with friends.

There’s so many health benefits to bike riding, too. like You can strengthen your thighs, hips and butt. I definitely felt a booty burn post-ride. Even your arms will get stronger if you stand to pedal as you ride uphill. Furthermore, The Dallas scenery along the trail was so beautiful that pictures don’t do it any justice. If you’ve ridden on Katy trail I want to hear about your experience. Leave a comment below!




3 Reasons Your Workout Routine SUCKS!

Getting in shape is no easy task. Once you commit to going to the gym and get a good workout routine going you expect to see results, but often this isn’t the case. The  reason why you’re not seeing results is because your workout routine SUCKS, and here’s why:

  • You are doing the wrong exercises for your body goal

For a lot of people working out means running on the treadmill and doing crunches. Although these exercises  work the body people fail to realize that these exercises are not done with purpose. By this I mean that if you’re trying to tone your legs the exercises you do need to centered around that (Ex. squats and resistance band exercises for your inner and outer thighs). Go to the gym with a target area in mind that you are going to work out to reach your body goals. For suggestions on what exercises to do for specific body parts view this link.

  • You workout consistently, but haven’t changed your diet

Body transformations are 30% diet and 70% working out. You can’t expect to shed pounds by just working out without changing your eating habits. Being healthy both inside and out is a lifestyle change. Sacrifices must be made in order to reach your ultimate body goal. Try eliminating junk food from your diet and replacing those items with healthy snacks. Also, water needs to be the #1 component of your diet.

  • You are doing the bare minimum at the gym

Finally, when going to the gym push yourself to the limit even if you can only commit to 10-15 minutes. If you only have time to do 10 minutes on the elliptical then that 10 minutes needs to be the hardest 10 minutes of your life. Turn your resistant up and sweat like you never have before. A quality workout is better than spending 1-2 hours in the gym just chatting with a friend and not pushing yourself (Quality > Quantity).

By taking these three things into consideration you’ll be able to adjust your workouts and eating habits accordingly. You have one life to live, so take care of it while you can. Always try to be your best self!