Nutrition Talk Tuesday | Recovering from a Cheat Weekend

Hello Fitness Friends, It’s TUESDAY, which means Maiah is back with another NTT post. Todays’s topic is focused around cheat days and how to recover from having a CHEAT WEEKEND.

So you cheated? Not on anyone else, but on yourself! The ENTIRE WEEEEEKKKEEENNDD! ❓How do you reset❓I celebrated my birthday ALL weekend long and I woke up asking myself this every question! Since I am in this very predicament I decided to share my answers with you!

1. LET IT GO: Who knew frozen lyrics could be so handy? Seriously, let it go, all the shots, hot dogs, ribs, margaritas, cupcakes and whatever else you ate. It’s over, so don’t beat yourself up about it!

2. FLUIDS: You’re more than likely dehydrated because excess salt, sugar and alcohol do that. Start your day with room temperature water, lemon water or hot tea with lemon. Add an extra glass before every meal and shoot to put away at least 3L everyday this week to flush out toxins💧

3. PROTEIN: Your body is craving carbs and sugar, in order to reset really up your protein intake at each meal. Protein will keep you satiated for longer and help beat those cravings.

4. GREENS: They can be blended, in powder form or raw. It doesn’t matter how you eat them, just eat your greens! Their nutrient density will give your body the boost it needs and it will aid in digestion

5. SUPPLEMENTS: Your body is inflamed, inflamed cells are aging cells so you’ll need OMEGA 3s (fish oil), TUMERIC or CURCUMIN to lower all that inflammation in your body. If sugar causes you to be anxious or depressed grab some ASHWAGANDHA to beat those feeling

6. WORKOUT: I know, this is the absolute last thing you want to do! Exercise will reset your body quickly, especially if it is HIIT. A short 10-15 min high intensity workout will get your blood pumping, workout those aches and pains and help flush out toxins! It won’t be your best workout but it will count!

You are a work in progress guys! Thanks for reading and have a productive short, work-week!


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