Nutrition Talk Tuesday | Low Carbs

Happy Tuesday Guys! It’s Maiah again and today’s NTT topic is Low Carbs!

It’s such a loaded phrase that gives you zero direction with your diet, but everyone says it works! Today I’ll break down how low a “low carb” diet really is. Studies show the average American eats over 300g of carbs a day 😱 that’s over 1000 calories! Our bodies have 2 energy pathways Sugar or Fat. People limit carbs to force their bodies to use fat for energy. There are levels to this “Low Carb” thing

1. VERY LOW: is eating less than 50g of carb a day. The thought process is that strictly limiting carbs will lead to more fat utilization but majority of studies fail to prove this. People who are limiting carbs this much are usually doing a Ketogenic Diet (that will be a future post)

2. LOW: is eating less than 150g of carbs a day. This is the exact amount stored in your liver. Eating in this range could cause you to be permanently “hangry” most people will crave more then 150g if carbs. This change can affect your GI tract where most of your Serotonin is produced causing mood swings.

3. MEDIUM LOW: is eating less than 200g of carbs a day. This is a very manageable intake for most people because it provides the balance of liver stores and muscle performance. Most people can maintain or lose weight in this range.

☝🏽REMEMBER: everyone’s body is different and the only way to find what range works for you is to give them a try and document how you feel.When you are doing high intensity exercises or lifting heavy you NEED those extra carbs. If you don’t have a consistent workout routine, limiting carbohydrates would be beneficial for fat loss. I hope this break down gives you more insight on what Low Carb diets really are! Thanks for reading!


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