Bike Riding FUN with LimeBike

Recently, I visited Katy trail in Dallas and had the time of my life! Now, usually whenever I go to a trail I run, but this time I rode a bike (LimeBike), which was super fun and also made for a great cardio workout.

LimeBike is an app that allows you to locate and ride a bike in their operating cities/campuses. The LimeBikes are posted in various locations just waiting to be unlocked by a special QR code you get through the app. Carrying a bike in your vehicle can be a hassle when you’re trying to find a trail or park to ride on. This app makes it easier and faster to get around for a workout or just for leisure. Click the link to see how it works for yourself.

Once I unlocked my bike I pedaled both uphill and downhill for a total of six miles. I burned over 150 calories during this ride. Everyone knows that Texas heat is no joke, so I was so happy that there was a STOP N GO spot along the trail with water. This cool down area made riding along the trail bearable. 





I highly recommend that if you’re ever in DFW to give LimeBike a try. With the Fall season approaching riding along Katy trail makes for a great date or outdoor activity with friends.

There’s so many health benefits to bike riding, too. like You can strengthen your thighs, hips and butt. I definitely felt a booty burn post-ride. Even your arms will get stronger if you stand to pedal as you ride uphill. Furthermore, The Dallas scenery along the trail was so beautiful that pictures don’t do it any justice. If you’ve ridden on Katy trail I want to hear about your experience. Leave a comment below!





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