The Benefits of a Pole Fitness Class

When most people think of a pole they instantly assume strippers will be involved. That’s not the case with this post. Pole Fitness is a type of group exercise class, which involves a variety of movements that strengthen your muscles and core. Most people leave a pole fitness class with a boost of confidence, feeling sexy and ready to conquer the world.

Some other benefits to taking a pole fitness class include:

  • Cardio workout- you’ll sweat a lot and burn lots of calories, too.
  • Strengthen your back- development of your back muscles
  • Flexibility- lots of stretching
  • Coordination & balance- you’ll learn to control spins, turns and pivots

Now, I took Donna’s class at Mind Body & Pole Fitness in Arlington , Texas and the class was so awesome. Donna is a great instructor and she breaks down each movement for you to learn step by step. She encourages you to channel your alter ego and really get into the movements. At the end of the class I was able to perform my own routine to my choice of music, which made the experience worth while.

Best of all, pole fitness classes don’t feel like exercise because it’s so FUN. You’ll be so in tune with learning all the different moves that you fail to realize you’re actually working your muscles, but rest assure you’ll feel it the next day. I know whenever I woke up the next day my arms were so sore, but felt super toned.

Mind Body & Pole Fitness is fitness with a twist, so the next time you’re in DFW you should definitely check them out. You won’t regret it! Be sure to request Donna as your instructor, too.




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