Wig Review 2017

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying the last few days of October. I cannot get over how fast 2017 is flying by. Now, that being said I wanted to be sure to post about some of my wigs that I have been wearing before the year ended.

Most of you are aware that many of the hairstyles I debut in pictures and workout videos are wigs. For the past couple of months I have been invested in wearing wigs by Model Model Hair Fashion as they allow me to have mobility while working out and they are cute, too. Below is a wig review I did for their Deep Invisible L-Part Jacy. This specific wig color is OF701, which I have linked in the description box of the video.

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Black Girls Do Yoga

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today I want to highlight a special girl, Lauren Ash who is changing the way women of color tackle health and wellness. One day Lauren looked around her yoga class and realized she was usually the only black woman there. “Even though I enjoyed my practice,” she says, “I always thought, how much more amazing would this be if I had other women of color here with me?” This prompted Lauren to launch Black Girl In Om (BGIO) in 2015, which is a wellness initiative that caters to women of color.

The empowerment of black women is my #1 priority with Fit 29, so it is quite impressive to see another girl striving to implode the practices of health and wellness for women of color.


this gorgeous photograph shows what i care about the most: women of color coming together to breathe easy. if that's all i did with no recognition i'd be fine. so, @shape referring to me as one of the most important voices in the wellness industry is so, SO affirming + extra appreciated love. as i shared with ashley mateo (link in bio), seeing more woc in wellness + creating more spaces us to prioritize our wellness has been everything to me for the past three years (omg @blackgirlinom turns three next month)! as a yoga student, prior to yoga teacher training 4+ plus years ago, i looked around + saw that there were very little woc in the yoga spaces that i occupied. and i rarely, if ever, within my first two years of practicing, had a black woman guiding a session. when i started BGIO and the instagram account shortly after, i didn't see enough representations of black women practicing yoga, or black women in general just loving on each other + being positive with one another. i created it because i wanted to see more of it, and I thought it would be such a beneficial + beautiful thing for my community. there's a lot more diversity in the wellness industry than ever before, and certainly more than when i started three years ago, but we still need more of that. there's still work to be done, y'all. i've heard stories from people in my community where they get mistaken for the cleaning lady at their yoga studio or people ask questions about why they're wearing their headscarf in class; just a lot of stories about culturally insensitive interactions or questions. that breaks my heart because yoga is a space that's supposed to be for wellness and for love; instead, we're being triggered. so for me to create a space with my incredible team—one that's culturally specific so that women can enter and feel an immediate sense of belonging, family, and kinship rather than wondering if they're going to have something happen that's going to make them feel worse about themselves—that's really important to me. shout out to the most incredible team that pushes this collective vision forward + to everyone who supports ❤️

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Often, women of color are not highlighted in the Fitness World. The perception is that women of color do not want to work out and have poor eating habits, etc. While statistics show that women of color are at a higher risk to develop major diseases compared to other races some of us are doing are best to lead healthy lifestyles. We strive to encourage other women of color to do so, too through our practices.

Yoga is a great way to get in tune with your body and relax. There are both physical and mental benefits to practicing yoga like increased muscle strength and coping skills. Natalie Nevins, DO, a board-certified osteopathic family physician and certified Kundalini Yoga instructor in Hollywood, California, says yoga can be very effective in reaching a more positive outlook on life.” There are all kinds of practices for yoga and often your local area hosts free classes for you to attend. Now, if you’re in the Chicago area you should definitely check out BGIO.

Ultimately, being healthy and fit is a lifestyle. It takes more than posting a post-workout selfie to really take charge of your fitness lifestyle. All things good take time, so you have to be patient with yourself when starting something new. Love your body, treat it with care and it will reward you long-term.



23 Things I learned from Being 23

As some of you may know I went to Paris for my 24th birthday. It was quite the experience. Now, on the 9-hr flight back from Paris to the United States I decided to write down my reflections on everything that I had learned within a year from moving to Houston, attending graduate school and just LIFE in general. My “Jordan year” as people would call it didn’t go so well, but from 2016-2017 I can honestly say that I have grown as a person and learned so much about myself. All the bad I experienced were learning lessons from God himself and for that I’ve gained an appreciation for the bad days. I decided to share my reflections with you all as I feel they can help someone through whatever difficulties they find themselves in. ALWAYS REMEMBER THE DARK HOUR ONLY LASTS 60 MINUTES.



23 Things I learned from Being 23✨

  1. When you’re sad talk to God, He’ll solve your issues & bring you clarity
  2. God’s timing is perfect 👌🏽
  3. Speak positivity into your life daily
  4. Don’t sleep with someone you wouldn’t want to be your 👶🏽 daddy
  5. Have healthy friendships with males 🙋🏽‍♂️ you find an interest in before exploring intimacy or dating
  6. Use your 20s to work hard to set you up for life in your 30s, so grind & make the most of that time ⏰
  7. You will get over your ex‼️he was a piece of 💩 anyways
  8. Don’t wear your emotions at work
  9. Express the issues you have with your boss in a professional 👨🏽‍💼👩🏽‍💼 way
  10. You will lose friends & that’s okay
  11. Be content 😌 with eating alone it’s really not even that bad at all 💁🏽
  12. Never 🙅🏽🙅🏽 quit a job until you have another one ☝🏽 lined up
  13. Be open-minded to other people’s views 🌎 Everyone didn’t grow up the way you did
  14. Budget each month accordingly for miscellaneous activities like sushi 🍣 happy hour, etc
  15. Being broke doesn’t last forever
  16. Your “dream” job doesn’t exist you have to create it
  17. Internships are 🔑 to getting the job you want in whatever career field you want to be in, it’s all about experience
  18. Invest in a good wig (Model-Model)
  19. Home 🏡 will always be where the ❤️is no matter where you move to
  20. Resolve petty issues with a quickness, learn when to hold your tongue in conflict situations
  21. Communication is essential to maintaining any relationship 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧💏
  22. Your sister 👯is your best friend & will always have your back no matter what disagreements you may have
  23. Your mom 👩🏽 has superpowers💥

Get To Know: Abraham Pena

Hello fitness friends, today business owner and chef, Abraham Pena will be featured for the ‘Get to Know’ article. He has turned his passion for food and fitness into a lifestyle brand for others to enjoy. His Instagram page features many of his wonderful recipes and meals that he’s cooked, so you should definitely check it out.

-What made you want to start meal prepping and cooking for others?

 A lot of things played a role in my desire to start meal prepping. For starters, my weight loss journey (I’ve lost 110 lbs. in the past four years). Also, I was attending community college for entrepreneurship and had friends complain about how it was hard to eat healthy while being in school, so I wanted to help them out and make losing weight enjoyable. Furthermore, my mom (R.I.P mom 🙏🏾), she would push me and say Abe you can make a difference and help people lose weight with your food.

-Have you always had a passion for cooking?

Not always. One day I started barbecuing with my mom and then boom it hit me, I can cook!

-Do you see yourself opening your own restaurant one day?

Actually yes! I’ve been wanting to open up a Fitty-Food truck or a store front.

-How has cooking for yourself changed your life?

It’s changed my life completely. For the longest time I didn’t have direction in my life until I started cooking. It takes a huge leap of faith to leave a “constant check” from your job to start your own business, but it was worth it.

-If you could travel anywhere where would you go?

Definitely Japan! The culture, the food oh man! One day, one day!

-In addition to cooking what are some other things you enjoy doing?

I don’t have much time for myself now a days as I’m constantly working, but I enjoy traveling. The past two years my younger brothers and I planned a trip every three months.

-What’s your favorite meal to cook?

Red potatoes with low sodium brisket, 1/4 cup of cheese and 1 strip of bacon. I also like to add low calorie BBQ sauce to give it some extra flavor.

Why Correct Squat Form is so Important

In order to gain muscle you must increase your weight load in the gym. Correct form must be used when lifting weights. Take squats for example, you can load the rack with a lot of weight and crank each rep out, but if you’re not using the correct form you’re doing a disservice to yourself.

By not using correct form you can hurt your back, knees or even hips. It’s important to stretch your hips and hamstrings before and after any kind of squat workout because having tight hamstrings and hips will prevent you from pushing your hips back far enough to perform the squat correctly. Foam-rolling your legs, back and hips will help get rid of any soreness or knots you have that keep you from pushing your hips back when squatting. Below is a picture of how your body should be positioned when squatting:


Always be aware of your spine alignment, range of motion, tension, and other factors when squatting. Your back is more prone to injury compared to the other parts of your body, so it’s important to practice proper back alignment. Furthermore, there are y many elements to consider when trying to practice “proper form”, but consider what you’re trying to achieve from the workout, where you wish to apply the tension and what muscles should be targeted. The quality, range of motion, and tension will dictate the success of your workout, so focus on that form for your fitness transformation.



Get to Know: Ashley Garner

Hello friends, today’s post is another ‘Get to Know’ feature on the lovely, Ashley Garner. Ashley is a graduate of Southern Methodist University and currently works for the University of Texas at Dallas. These past few years Ashley has grown to love yoga so much that you could consider her a yogi-lover. If you follow her Instagram page you’ll see tons of pictures and videos of fun yoga poses that she does. Lucky for us, she was able to set aside some time in her busy schedule to answer a few questions about her passion for yoga.

-What made you want to start doing YOGA?
One of my lovely friends introduced me to yoga my senior year in college. I started taking classes at CorePower at Mockingbird Station and fell in love with the mix of strength and flexibility required for their classes.
-How long have you been doing YOGA?
Not too long. I practiced for about 2 years on and off between college and graduate school. Then I started Acrobatic yoga in March 2016, so it’s been about 2.5 years.
-Do you see yourself being a YOGA instructor one day?
I would definitely love to become acroyoga certified!
-How has YOGA improved your everyday life?
My range of motion has improved tremendously. I am more comfortable holding certain postures. And I have improved my mindset about the importance of flexibility. I engage in intense stretching 4 days a week.
-If you could travel anywhere where would you go?
I have two places, New Zealand and Spain! I speak Spanish and would LOVE to experience the fusion of Spanish and European culture. I also want to experience the cultural vibe of NZ.
-What are your favorite YOGA poses to do?
I like this question. I really find myself enjoying inversions (handstands, forearm stand, headstand, etc.)
-Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Fitness wise? Hopefully, acroyoga certified. I also practiced aerial fitness and I would love to get back to it and start performing. Career-wise, I plan to pursue a doctorate degree and continue to find ways to help students pursue educational excellence. I’m currently working in student affairs and I feel like Martin Lawrence when he would say “Martin luhh the kids.” Students are our future and I want to invest in my future through supporting young bright minds!

Staying Fit & Healthy in Paris

Hi everyone!

September definitely flew by. It’ll soon be Thanksgiving and then Christmas…Woohoo! I just celebrated my birthday these past few days with the ultimate #GIRLSTRIP to Paris with my sister, mom and aunt. The trip was a once in a lifetime experience, so I’m glad to have shared that moment with the people I love the most! 

Now, as a fitness guru I wanted to enjoy the trip, but also keep up with my healthy lifestyle while traveling abroad. Paris in itself is a healthy city as the people literally walk and run everywhere, and the portion sizes when it comes to food are so small (They’re fitting for a child lol). It threw me off when I went to breakfast with the girls at La Crêperie and I couldn’t order any sides such as bacon and potatoes with my waffle. In addition, they don’t serve water with your meals in Paris. It’s considered an additional charge, so I made sure to keep my water bottle filled everywhere I went to stay hydrated while on the trip.

There was also a McDonald’s there, which is expected as it’s an international brand. Now before anyone thinks that McDonal’s is an unhealthy choice, it wasn’t. The cup sizes for a small drink in the U.S. are equivalent to a child’s drink in Paris. Also, instead of them offering a dessert of a cookie or ice cream cone with your meal fruit is offered. There’s so many ways to eat healthy in Paris as they offer so many options.

There’s absolutely no excuse to not get some sort of cardio exercise in each day while in Paris because as I mentioned earlier everyone walks everywhere. Other ways that people get around are by skateboard, scooter, bike and most frequently used, the train. I definitely reached my goal of 10K steps each day exploring the city. There’s so many sites to see, so each day we would map out what we wanted to do, so we didn’t waste our time there.

Luckily, the place where we stayed at had a gym called World Class Fitness inside. It had a built-in studio in addition to the gym that had free weights, yoga mats and step boxes. I was able to get all sorts of total body workouts in, which did my body good while on the trip. Paris is such a beautiful city and I can’t wait for the day that I go back.