Staying Fit & Healthy in Paris

Hi everyone!

September definitely flew by. It’ll soon be Thanksgiving and then Christmas…Woohoo! I just celebrated my birthday these past few days with the ultimate #GIRLSTRIP to Paris with my sister, mom and aunt. The trip was a once in a lifetime experience, so I’m glad to have shared that moment with the people I love the most! 

Now, as a fitness guru I wanted to enjoy the trip, but also keep up with my healthy lifestyle while traveling abroad. Paris in itself is a healthy city as the people literally walk and run everywhere, and the portion sizes when it comes to food are so small (They’re fitting for a child lol). It threw me off when I went to breakfast with the girls at La Crêperie and I couldn’t order any sides such as bacon and potatoes with my waffle. In addition, they don’t serve water with your meals in Paris. It’s considered an additional charge, so I made sure to keep my water bottle filled everywhere I went to stay hydrated while on the trip.

There was also a McDonald’s there, which is expected as it’s an international brand. Now before anyone thinks that McDonal’s is an unhealthy choice, it wasn’t. The cup sizes for a small drink in the U.S. are equivalent to a child’s drink in Paris. Also, instead of them offering a dessert of a cookie or ice cream cone with your meal fruit is offered. There’s so many ways to eat healthy in Paris as they offer so many options.

There’s absolutely no excuse to not get some sort of cardio exercise in each day while in Paris because as I mentioned earlier everyone walks everywhere. Other ways that people get around are by skateboard, scooter, bike and most frequently used, the train. I definitely reached my goal of 10K steps each day exploring the city. There’s so many sites to see, so each day we would map out what we wanted to do, so we didn’t waste our time there.

Luckily, the place where we stayed at had a gym called World Class Fitness inside. It had a built-in studio in addition to the gym that had free weights, yoga mats and step boxes. I was able to get all sorts of total body workouts in, which did my body good while on the trip. Paris is such a beautiful city and I can’t wait for the day that I go back.




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