Why Correct Squat Form is so Important

In order to gain muscle you must increase your weight load in the gym. Correct form must be used when lifting weights. Take squats for example, you can load the rack with a lot of weight and crank each rep out, but if you’re not using the correct form you’re doing a disservice to yourself.

By not using correct form you can hurt your back, knees or even hips. It’s important to stretch your hips and hamstrings before and after any kind of squat workout because having tight hamstrings and hips will prevent you from pushing your hips back far enough to perform the squat correctly. Foam-rolling your legs, back and hips will help get rid of any soreness or knots you have that keep you from pushing your hips back when squatting. Below is a picture of how your body should be positioned when squatting:


Always be aware of your spine alignment, range of motion, tension, and other factors when squatting. Your back is more prone to injury compared to the other parts of your body, so it’s important to practice proper back alignment. Furthermore, there are y many elements to consider when trying to practice “proper form”, but consider what you’re trying to achieve from the workout, where you wish to apply the tension and what muscles should be targeted. The quality, range of motion, and tension will dictate the success of your workout, so focus on that form for your fitness transformation.




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