Get To Know: Abraham Pena

Hello fitness friends, today business owner and chef, Abraham Pena will be featured for the ‘Get to Know’ article. He has turned his passion for food and fitness into a lifestyle brand for others to enjoy. His Instagram page features many of his wonderful recipes and meals that he’s cooked, so you should definitely check it out.

-What made you want to start meal prepping and cooking for others?

 A lot of things played a role in my desire to start meal prepping. For starters, my weight loss journey (I’ve lost 110 lbs. in the past four years). Also, I was attending community college for entrepreneurship and had friends complain about how it was hard to eat healthy while being in school, so I wanted to help them out and make losing weight enjoyable. Furthermore, my mom (R.I.P mom 🙏🏾), she would push me and say Abe you can make a difference and help people lose weight with your food.

-Have you always had a passion for cooking?

Not always. One day I started barbecuing with my mom and then boom it hit me, I can cook!

-Do you see yourself opening your own restaurant one day?

Actually yes! I’ve been wanting to open up a Fitty-Food truck or a store front.

-How has cooking for yourself changed your life?

It’s changed my life completely. For the longest time I didn’t have direction in my life until I started cooking. It takes a huge leap of faith to leave a “constant check” from your job to start your own business, but it was worth it.

-If you could travel anywhere where would you go?

Definitely Japan! The culture, the food oh man! One day, one day!

-In addition to cooking what are some other things you enjoy doing?

I don’t have much time for myself now a days as I’m constantly working, but I enjoy traveling. The past two years my younger brothers and I planned a trip every three months.

-What’s your favorite meal to cook?

Red potatoes with low sodium brisket, 1/4 cup of cheese and 1 strip of bacon. I also like to add low calorie BBQ sauce to give it some extra flavor.


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