New Year, New Me 2018

I am so pumped for 2018! I’ll be turning 25 and have so many projects that I’ll be releasing next year, too. I titled this blog post New Year, New Me 2018 because 2018 will be the year of prosperity and TAKING EVERYTHING THAT IS MINE. I must admit that in my fitness life there are times when I do not go as hard as I should during training. I even have moments where I have one too many cheat days, which is not a good example to those who follow my fitness journey, etc. I want to ensure that my lifestyle matches what I write about, so I have began taking the initiative to assure that comes to fruition.

For starters, my besties and I created a group chat titled “Get Finer 2018” as a way to encourage each other daily with motivational quotes and share what we ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Having friends that want to achieve similar goals as you and even hold you accountable to reach those goals is so awesome. I CANNOT EXPRESS THAT ENOUGH! Tonight, Bri, Alex and I kicked off our fitness journey at LA Fitness where we did HIIT on the treadmill, weights, abs and sweated so much in the sauna. Fitness is not something we do just to post a cute selfie, it is a lifestyle. Being fit and healthy is our ultimate goal and 6 months from now I cannot wait to show everyone our transformations. It will definitely be a sight to see.




Don’t cheat on your workouts. Break-up with your comfort zone.



4 thoughts on “New Year, New Me 2018”

  1. New year, new me is bullshit. I tend not to wait around for it. If I want to better myself I start doing it right away and don’t wait around for another reason. That’s why I’m waking up far more earlier. to precise! I wrote a blog post about why if you want to read it makes for an interesting piece of work! Maybe you’d return the fvaour and check out my latest blog post?? Thanks! But other wise good writing!


    1. If you actually read my article then you would see that I have been taking the initiative to live out my new year, new me “bullshit” as you say. Please keep all comments with positivity and maybe next time I’ll give your blog a read. Have a blessed NEW YEAR!!!!!


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