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How to Style your Natural Hair

As a naturalista it can be difficult to find many hairstyles that are easy to do and don’t take a lot of time. Being natural is a job within itself (TRUST ME). However, once you get the hang of it you are able to do so much with your hair. Below is one of my favorite styles after a Wash & Go. For those new to my website, a ‘wash & go’ is simply what it is. You wash your hair, put the products that your hair is used to on and then you go about your day. I want to know what your favorite style is on your natural hair, so leave a comment on the video!




How I Kicked my Instagram Addiction?

Do you find yourself checking your Instagram as soon as you wake up every single morning?

Do you get upset when you don’t have Instagram notifications popping up on your smartphone?

Do you have to take pictures every time you’re out just to post to Instagram?

If you answer ‘YES’ to any of the above questions you might have an Instagram addiction. I found myself becoming addicted  to Instagram. At a point it was so bad that I was checking Instagram before even thanking God for waking me up each day. Now, Fit 29 relies on social media to 1) promote the business 2) connect with other fitness gurus and 3) stay on top of the latest fitness trends, but there comes a time when one has to learn how to balance it all.

I had to learn this the hard way. There were times when I would post to Instagram for Fit 29 and then find myself wasting hours scrolling and liking different things. As a result my fingers would hurt and I’d always get a headache from having my phone so close to my face at night time.

When I’m not productive I feel like I wasted the hours I’ve been given here on Earth, so I knew I had to do something about being on Instagram so much. The first thing I did was turn my Instagram notifications off. This helped me to not always want to check Instagram every chance I got. Furthermore, this helped me to only engage with others whenever I actually opened the app.

Another way I stopped getting on Instagram was by scheduling my posts. When you schedule a post you don’t have to be in the moment to post the picture. You can rely on another app to post your picture for you without having to type up the caption and tag everything you have to tag. Lastly, I designated a period of time in the morning and evening for Instagram. This helped me to learn time management, but most importantly helped me read my devotion before even thinking to check Instagram.

Social media is always going to be around no matter what, but you don’t want it to consume you. Learn to be present with others when you are out on lunch or when someone is talking to you. There’s nothing worse than having a conversation with someone and they are constantly checking their phone. Don’t let Instagram rule your life!



100th Blog Post

Well fitness friends, here it is my 100th blog post!

I’m so grateful for everyone who has supported Fit 29 since its launch in 2015. It’s no easy task creating content on a consistent basis as a one-women show (My fellow GIRL BOSSES out there you know exactly what I’m talking about). Rather than blogging about the latest fitness trends, food recipes, etc I decided to take a dance class over the weekend to celebrate my 100th blog post.

Awhile back I blogged about a pole fitness class that I took with instructor, Donna at Mind Body & Pole Fitness Studio for my sister’s birthday. Well, Donna also teaches Hip Hop in Heels. It’s a fun dance class where you can learn some of the hottest choreography and feel sexy doing it, too. I  enjoy dancing… especially twerking lol. You burn so many calories without even realizing that you’re getting a workout in. Below I have a short clip of some of the moves I learned during the class. What I like best about Donna’s class is that even if you do not know how to dance she will make you feel comfortable. She encourages you throughout the different moves and even modifies some of the choreography if it’s too hard for you. I highly recommend her class if you’re interested in dancing and want to get a fun workout in, too.


Now it wouldn’t be a 100th blog post celebration if I didn’t get a workout in. My home gym is LA Fitness and often my sister and some of my friends go together so we can be “FINER FOR 2018”. Our workout group message is titled Get Finer 2018 *insert two workout emojis*. We encourage each other to get up out of bed and get a workout in, make healthy lunch choices at work and just be better all around. I truly value those girls because you need those kind of people in your life. If your friend group isn’t elevating you to be better you need to reevaluate that friend group!

Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women, who have her back.



Again thanks so much to those of you who have been supporting my blog since Day 1, you are appreciated. I’m beyond excited for the rest of this year and can’t wait to show you all the many projects that’ll I be releasing in 2018!



Happy, Healthy Holiday Ideas

Thanksgiving means food, family and football in my household. With so many dishes to choose from it can be tempting to overindulge on Thanksgiving Day. I don’t know what it is, but when it comes to Thanksgiving we as individuals always seem to overdo it when it comes to serving sizes. You then spend the remainder of your day stuffed in front of the television not wanting to move.

Well, have no feat because I have your fix to staying happy and healthy throughout the Holidays.

First and foremost don’t beat yourself up for enjoying Thanksgiving Day food. Often, many fitness professionals have mindsets that you cannot eat whatever you want on Thanksgiving and I 100% disagree. It’s one day to enjoy the food that your family has cooked. Now, when you overdo it day after day all the way up to New Year’s Eve that’s when it becomes a problem.

My first tip to stay happy and healthy over the holidays is to CREATE A CALENDAR of all the Holiday festivities you have to attend. By doing this you’ll be able to space out your meal prep days vs. days when you’re surrounded by desserts, etc.

Second, whenever you’re at Holiday parties EAT BEFORE YOU GO that way when you’re there all you’re doing is snacking just a tad.

Third, DO NOT DRINK TOO MUCH ALCOHOL. You’ll only end up hungry at 2 A.M. and we all know eating that late isn’t good for the body as the food literally just sits there overnight.

Fourth, DO NOT STRESS YOURSELF OUT by thinking you have to buy gifts for everyone. By spending your money on everyone you only end up hurting your pockets. 9 times out of 10 people just like your presence when it comes to the Holidays.

My final tip is to REFLECT ON YOUR BLESSINGS. By doing this you’ll be able to see how many things you have to be grateful for. There’s always going to be people who have more than you, which is why it is so important to count your blessings.

It is my hope that your Holidays are filled with lots of love and joy.



New Year, New Me 2018

I am so pumped for 2018! I’ll be turning 25 and have so many projects that I’ll be releasing next year, too. I titled this blog post New Year, New Me 2018 because 2018 will be the year of prosperity and TAKING EVERYTHING THAT IS MINE. I must admit that in my fitness life there are times when I do not go as hard as I should during training. I even have moments where I have one too many cheat days, which is not a good example to those who follow my fitness journey, etc. I want to ensure that my lifestyle matches what I write about, so I have began taking the initiative to assure that comes to fruition.

For starters, my besties and I created a group chat titled “Get Finer 2018” as a way to encourage each other daily with motivational quotes and share what we ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Having friends that want to achieve similar goals as you and even hold you accountable to reach those goals is so awesome. I CANNOT EXPRESS THAT ENOUGH! Tonight, Bri, Alex and I kicked off our fitness journey at LA Fitness where we did HIIT on the treadmill, weights, abs and sweated so much in the sauna. Fitness is not something we do just to post a cute selfie, it is a lifestyle. Being fit and healthy is our ultimate goal and 6 months from now I cannot wait to show everyone our transformations. It will definitely be a sight to see.




Don’t cheat on your workouts. Break-up with your comfort zone.


Wig Review 2017

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying the last few days of October. I cannot get over how fast 2017 is flying by. Now, that being said I wanted to be sure to post about some of my wigs that I have been wearing before the year ended.

Most of you are aware that many of the hairstyles I debut in pictures and workout videos are wigs. For the past couple of months I have been invested in wearing wigs by Model Model Hair Fashion as they allow me to have mobility while working out and they are cute, too. Below is a wig review I did for their Deep Invisible L-Part Jacy. This specific wig color is OF701, which I have linked in the description box of the video.

Until next time Fitness Friends




Black Girls Do Yoga

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today I want to highlight a special girl, Lauren Ash who is changing the way women of color tackle health and wellness. One day Lauren looked around her yoga class and realized she was usually the only black woman there. “Even though I enjoyed my practice,” she says, “I always thought, how much more amazing would this be if I had other women of color here with me?” This prompted Lauren to launch Black Girl In Om (BGIO) in 2015, which is a wellness initiative that caters to women of color.

The empowerment of black women is my #1 priority with Fit 29, so it is quite impressive to see another girl striving to implode the practices of health and wellness for women of color.


this gorgeous photograph shows what i care about the most: women of color coming together to breathe easy. if that's all i did with no recognition i'd be fine. so, @shape referring to me as one of the most important voices in the wellness industry is so, SO affirming + extra appreciated love. as i shared with ashley mateo (link in bio), seeing more woc in wellness + creating more spaces us to prioritize our wellness has been everything to me for the past three years (omg @blackgirlinom turns three next month)! as a yoga student, prior to yoga teacher training 4+ plus years ago, i looked around + saw that there were very little woc in the yoga spaces that i occupied. and i rarely, if ever, within my first two years of practicing, had a black woman guiding a session. when i started BGIO and the instagram account shortly after, i didn't see enough representations of black women practicing yoga, or black women in general just loving on each other + being positive with one another. i created it because i wanted to see more of it, and I thought it would be such a beneficial + beautiful thing for my community. there's a lot more diversity in the wellness industry than ever before, and certainly more than when i started three years ago, but we still need more of that. there's still work to be done, y'all. i've heard stories from people in my community where they get mistaken for the cleaning lady at their yoga studio or people ask questions about why they're wearing their headscarf in class; just a lot of stories about culturally insensitive interactions or questions. that breaks my heart because yoga is a space that's supposed to be for wellness and for love; instead, we're being triggered. so for me to create a space with my incredible team—one that's culturally specific so that women can enter and feel an immediate sense of belonging, family, and kinship rather than wondering if they're going to have something happen that's going to make them feel worse about themselves—that's really important to me. shout out to the most incredible team that pushes this collective vision forward + to everyone who supports ❤️

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Often, women of color are not highlighted in the Fitness World. The perception is that women of color do not want to work out and have poor eating habits, etc. While statistics show that women of color are at a higher risk to develop major diseases compared to other races some of us are doing are best to lead healthy lifestyles. We strive to encourage other women of color to do so, too through our practices.

Yoga is a great way to get in tune with your body and relax. There are both physical and mental benefits to practicing yoga like increased muscle strength and coping skills. Natalie Nevins, DO, a board-certified osteopathic family physician and certified Kundalini Yoga instructor in Hollywood, California, says yoga can be very effective in reaching a more positive outlook on life.” There are all kinds of practices for yoga and often your local area hosts free classes for you to attend. Now, if you’re in the Chicago area you should definitely check out BGIO.

Ultimately, being healthy and fit is a lifestyle. It takes more than posting a post-workout selfie to really take charge of your fitness lifestyle. All things good take time, so you have to be patient with yourself when starting something new. Love your body, treat it with care and it will reward you long-term.